Monday, February 14, 2011

The review that will surprise you!

I was very excited when asked me to do another review for them.  
What an amazing company this is!!  
I have not only received quality products from them, but their customer service is top notch!!

You can only imagine where my mind went as I thought about what to review.....
...the kitchen of course...right?!!!


This time I decided to review something totally different....

We have never had a cordless drill and I thought I would get my husband in on the fun!

I think he was happy!!!

 It came in a great case that houses everything!

Now on to a project I have been wanting to do for FOUR laundry room.  It is so narrow and I am constantly tripping over everything that is on the floor.  I need some place to hang things.
Enter the cordless drill.....

 I love that it has a reverse you can unscrew your mistakes...not that I would have any of those!

 It also has a place to hold the different bits on the drill so you don't have to be running back to where ever you put the case!

 No, I don't have 3 hands...that is my husband showing me how to put the drill bit in...very easy!

 Here you have to choose if your are using screws or what...
I know my husband told me what the "or what" was, but as I type this, I can't remember!  Hmmmm, well just know you have an "or what" choice!!
Can you tell I am not very handy?

 Yes, that is ME. 
I did have to use the drill to do the review and I was surprised how great it was!!! 
You do have to put a little muscle into it though and by the end my arms were tired!
...I did tell you that I am not handy, right?

 The end result!!!
I now have a place to hang all the stuff in my laundry room.  So every thing is up off the floor and off the window sill!!!
 How great does that look?
Why did it take me FOUR years to do this?!!!
I love it and it was up in no time because of the cordless drill.

Now Steve is off to put up some shelves in the garage....he has wanted to do that for four years too!

Head on over the CSN and check out all they have to offer!! 
This drill was awesome and very reasonably priced!!!



I did Appalachian Service Project for 5 years and I am someone who does not do major dirty....but after the first year of being laughed at because of my cute hammer and knife I went out and went wild buying power tools, a hammer a man would drool over...and a Gerber Gator knife. I am impressed to see you using that drill. You Go Girl!

Tiffany said...

Oh - love that! We desperately need a new cordless drill - ours has been used and abused! Love the new wall hooks, by the way.

Beverlydru said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your blog. Next thing I know is you'll be the Pioneer Woman of Arkansas and I'll be able to say "I knew her when..."
Blessings to you, my friend!

StephieAnne said...

That's the most romantic Valentines' post I've read all day! Hee hee! Looks like a great tool and a wonderful project, and as a woman whose love language is acts of service, this looks mighty romantic to me. (John worked on projects all Valentine for me, ever!).

Hope Jared's day went well!