Monday, January 10, 2011


My computer is still in the shop and now with the snow and all of Little Rock shutting down (except of course where I work), who knows when I will get it back.

I have found that I really am not that crazy about my husband's iPad. I 100% prefer my MacBook! There are downfalls to sharing a computer too...those of you on FB may have noticed...people's accounts get hacked into. We won't mention that I started it....that will be our little secret!

But when one of your children see your hacked FB posts and get grossed out and put a big 'dislike' comment on it......well that just makes this computer sharing all worth while! :)

I am currently relaxing with a nice glass of wine after stressing all afternoon about my son driving back to school today. The roads have been semi ok, but y'all people down here get crazy in this kind of weather! Anyway, he just called and is safe and sound inside his dorm! Whew!

Just heard that schools are closed again tomorrow....ugh. I still had to work today...people need their meds and their coffee! In case you are wondering, I work at a coffeshop inside a pharmacy! And will have to go in tomorrow too...I think I will take the boy with me seeing as I will most likely be by myself again.

Well, that is about all the randomness I can this key board is driving me crazy....did I mention that I am not lovin' this iPad?


LuAnn said...

I understand the sharing thing - we share a laptop. Not fun especially when you both want it at the same time.
Glad Jason got back o.k.
Sorry for you with the snow. I remember when we lived in KY what a mess that was in the south. Especially for clean up.
HEaded out for my last camera class.

BARBIE said...

I love the concept of an iPad, but I know it could not replace my computer. Hope yours gets fixed soon.

Johnna said...

I am so glad he made it back, too! Looking at the news, you can tell it is a far reaching mess-- lots of stranded people. Thankful yours is not one of them.

That One Girl said...

My poor hubs.. he bought a laptop when he came home from deployment, which was right before we had met. I've basically taken over his laptop!

We've got about 8 inches of snow here, and we're expecting up to an inch of ice tonight. The kids didn't have school today, base was closed so hubs didn't have to work today. School is closed tomorrow, and the base is already on a 2 hour delay. It's going to be a long day tomorrow!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

we are probably going to be socked in with snow and ice for the better part of this week, being down south we are just not equipped for extreme weather almost all the highways are closed and school will be closed again tomorrow and probably Wednesday as well.

plus sharing computers is not fun...I totally agree!

Karin said...

I love being snowed in...just no fun that you have to work when everyone else is staying home. Hope you get your computer back soon. :)

He & Me + 3 said...

I don't love the ipad either...definitely would not trade my computer for it.

Amy said...

Glad he is back safe and sound!! I know about needing the coffee part, I might go out in the snow for it too...however I have lived in Iowa so a little snow never stopped me.

Have a great, no ipad, quick fix computer week.

Mama Belle said...

Well, you just answered the question of how easy or not easy it would be to blog from an iPad. I really think it's just a toy.

No snow here, but we wished for it. It only got as low as Shreveport. It's life as normal down here. Stay warm.

Susan said...

And here I was wondering if I should get an ipad! LOL.

Wow, I'm always amazed when anyone south of Montreal gets snow and we don't. Its been cold here but no snow forecasted (unless I just jinxed myself).

Jill said...

Lots more snow coming our way...but we always have snow is more of a "problem" where you live since you don't get much!

I laughed out loud when I read, "people need their coffee and their meds" NO TRUER statement! ha!

Penny said...

Lol!! We got "Louisiana snow" and a day off yesterday -- I did a dance in my house Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately, now everything is melting, so when I drive to work, big hunks of ice fall out of the trees and off the telephone polls -- eek!!! Glad your son made it to his dorm safely!!!

Mimi said...

We live in a house with no lap tops! One computer for mom & dad & 1 computer in the living room for the boys.

I'm praying to be able to afford a laptop this year.

It's snowing a lot here in Michigan, but we're used to it. I don't have to like it thought, lol!

Hugs & Love,

Toyin O. said...

I do not enjoy snow either, we are getting 18 inches tommorow and I have to go work in that:(

Cathy said...

I so understand the sharing thing. My oldest is having computer problems and has been using mine while she's home on break. I'll be glad when hers is fixed (I'm sure she will be too) :)

Kim said...

I had to use my MIL's iPad for a while when my computer crashed and I totally agree. The iPad is great for some things, but definitely NOT for others! Blogging is one of those "other things" :)

Sorry you don't get a snow day :(

Debra said...

Oh how I wish I had a laptop or I'd even take an ipad. lol Hope you can survive until you get yours back.

Hey, I saw that you mentioned that blurb has you mind me asking what it is that you don't like about it? Are you still going to use it for your future books? I know you don't have your laptop right now, so you can wait to answer when you get it back. I also left a couple of questions on your P365 blog as well. Stay warm!!!