Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thank you very much!!

I'm joining The Daily Driblbes for Thank you very much! Thursday!

1. Thank you very much to my son who brought a friend home for fall break from college and ate me out of house and home...thank you very much!  Okay, so I really love that he did that!

2.  Thank you very much to the woman who stole $5 out of our tip jar at work.  REALLY?! You have forced us to get a bigger, better and much more tamper friendly tip jar, which we shouldn't have to do but should have done after the last person stole from us.  Though we can't prove 100% that you did it, we know you did and we will be watching you like a hawk from now on....thank you very much!

3.  Thank you very much to my friends who were supposed to come visit for my big birthday but have I have to go to work that week.......thank you very much!  I really do completely understand....I just don't like it!

4.  Thank you very much to my other son who is upstairs at this moment sleeping in because there is no school while I am up early because I forgot that there is no school.....thank you very much!

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Kmama said...

Thank you for linking up!!

I can't believe someone would steal from a tip jar! How classless and rude!

And getting up early when you don't have to SUCKS. Sorry about that!

Mimi said...

How sad that someone would steal out of the tip jar.

I'm sorry your friends had to cancel on you, what a bummer!

Hugs & love,

He & Me + 3 said...

are you kidding about the tip jar? Amazing. That is so crazy. Those college boys will eat up the pantry for sure. I am dreading those days with my boy...he already snacks all day long.

Jill said...

Thank you very much for a BIG smile!

Rachel said...

Oh no, thieves are no fun!

And I think I'd enjoy my kiddo bringing friends home to eat me out of the house too!

Karin said...

She really needed the $5 that much? Hmmm.....

Bummer that you got up early ALL FOR NOTHING! :) I don't think that has happened to me but I often wake up early ONLY on Saturday which is the only day I can sleep in. grrrr....

Mocha with Linda said...

Oh these cracked me up.

I can't imagine forgetting a school holiday! So sorry you missed the opportunity to sleep in.

Cathy said...

Too funny Sara!