Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Disappointments are hard to take sometimes.
Especially when they seem unfair.

We have a big disappointment today....my youngest is sick and will miss his 1st marching band competition.

What makes it so hard is that for years, while we lived in Indiana, he went to all his sibling's marching competitions with great expectation of being there one day.  Even as a young boy, he loved being in the stands and never complained about the many hours spent there!

And just about the time he was almost ready to be part of the band, we moved.  And we moved to a school without a marching band.   One was started the year we moved here (with 12 kids) and over the years has gotten bigger and better.

Well, they are finally to a place to participate in their first big competition.  They have worked SO hard....every morning before school....and Jared has been so excited!

And then last night he started throwing up.....violently.

My heart hurt for him last night as he realized he would miss the competition.  It hurts for me too as I think I was almost just as excited as he was for this.

No, I don't understand why he would have to get sick the night before such a big event.  But life throws us some curve balls at times and it is how we handle those that shows our character.  

I am so proud of my son.
He is definitely disappointed.
But is not mad, or crying or pouting or wallowing in self pity.
He is accepting it and cheering his fellow band members on.

I wish I could say I always handle myself so well in the face of disappointment!

...of course it does mean more PS3 time! ;)


Mocha with Linda said...

Oh I feel your mother-hurt! I'm so sorry he's missing what he's so eagerly anticipated.

Rebecca Jo said...

oh man... that's such a bummer!!!!

it makes me sad for him too!

praying that the "yucky" doesnt catch on to anyone else in the home! It seems to be a trend I'm seeing around blog-world... wonderful time of year! :(

H-Mama said...

Oh bless his heart, Sara. I know you must be so proud of him... For not only making it this far, but for having such a positive attitude. ((huge hugs)) Hope he is feeling much better soon!

Patrice said...

Oh how I hope he feels better soon!! So sorry he has to go through this and for you too...it's so hard for moms to see their kids have to go through the hurt!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Hmmm...I wonder where he learned how to meet challenges with such discernment...maybe from his momma!!!!

Very upsetting from a momma's perspective thought, I would have been very upset for one of mine if that had happen!

I hope he feels better quickly and can get back in the field with all his other bad friends!


Jewel said...

Poor boy! Good for his good attitude! I hope there will be another big competition that he can participate in soon.
Also, I just listened to the guitar recording from Saturday's post (I couldn't listen to it on my work computer), he's pretty good!

Mimi said...

How awesome that he has enough Grace to deal with it well.

I'll be praying for a speedy recovery & great PS3 scores on his games, lol!

Hugs & love,

Bellezza said...

Disappointments are a bitter pill; my son missed his graduation as he didn't pass a necessary Math class. It breaks my heart that I will never see him walk to get his diploma, and it's small consolation that he finally has it on his dresser.

I'm glad that you're reading The Voyage of The Dawn Treader with me! It will be great to discuss it with a fellow sister in the Lord, and it shouldn't be too long for us.

XOXO, I hope you feel better.

StephieAnne said...

Way to go Jared in inspiring the rest of us to handle disappointment with such grace! Get better soon!

LuAnn said...

I am sorry for Jared - and for you - I feel your hurt. Hope he is better soon.

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Wellllll.... we know a bit about disappointment. After breaking his collar bone which will knock him out of the entire football season!
We had comforted ourselves into thinking that Davis' bone would heal quick enough to get him back in for the last game.
This week's visit with his doctor and a look at the latest xray told a different story... still very much broken.
After the doctor appointment, we left in separate cars but we both cried for the first time since the accident.Dream gone.
Same story for Davis... he has watched his brother play football and all he has ever wanted to do is to play high school football, too. Last year he rode the pine and this was his moment in time... shattered in an instant.
He says he can learn more through adversity than he can through success, and it is still very hard emotionally, but he wants so badly to see God's hand in this very disappointing event.That's a very cool thing to hear your 17 year old say with sincerity.
I'm so sad for your guy... I understand.
There's always next year doesn't help much either....

Michelle Burk said...

Sorry Jared! That is a sick to your stomach disappointment for sure. Good things will still come. They are always right around the corner. Thanks for the inspiring post. Everyone needs to read it.