Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

I wish my days would slow down! just sayin'

I am down to one child in the house and yet my days seem busier than ever...how does that happen? This soon-to-be 50 year old body is not keeping up very well. The other day, I got home from work, sat down to check the score of the US Open and promptly fell asleep!!! I didn't even remember falling asleep! Not cool!

I have to make 3 meals tomorrow, for 3 different occasions:
breakfast for bible study kick off
lunch salad for potluck at work
dinner veggie dish for life group potluck we were invited to
ya, all on the same day....sheesh!

my youngest is really enjoying his first job. But he has definitely hit his junior year. It seems that is the year that they really take off on their own, more independence with driving, and you don't see them as much. :(

I am looking forward to Bible Study starting on Wed.
I miss studying with these ladies and digging into the Word with them. We will be studying Kay Arthur's Standing Firm in These Last Days....should be good.

Wondering today why suddenly I can't keep up with the laundry....my husband is probably wondering the same thing!

Really missing my kiddos lately.
Can't wait to see Alyssa in Oct. when we go to look at the Univ of Houston for grad school. I think this is the longest I have gone without seeing her and I am really feeling the need to hug her neck!!!

Still no calls from the boy...getting used to it....sort of.

Happy to find out that my tooth is NOT cracked!
My tooth pain is actually from a nerve that is getting pressed on by my sinuses being full. For the last 3 months, I thought I had to get a crown or root canal or both and put off going to the dentist. With the right antihistamines.....pain gone. Weird. but GOOD!
Gotta love allergies in Arkansas!

Definitely a random kind of day!


The Bug said...

Well, I have no children & you're WAY busier than me!

I've been reading blogs too long. When I read this sentence: "I miss studying with these ladies and digging into the Word with them," I thought it said, "...and BLOGGING into the Word with them." Well, I guess you could do that too LOL!

Teresa Dawn said...

I've been trying to get my laundry done too, but the dryer is dying and it has to go around 2 or 3 full times before each load is dry... takes forever!

Cathy said...

Sara I can't see my daughter until December. So hopefully, that will make October not seem to bad for you. :) However, I got to talk to her for an hour Saturday night on Skype. So I could see her and she could see us. My younger daughter took the computer into her bedroom and showed her how she had taken over her room. lol Lots of fun! Life is certainly changing a lot right now for both of us, isn't it?!?

Mimi said...

Jack started high school this year & since he repeated kindergarten he will be driving all on his own next July. I remembered I cried the first time my oldest pulled out of the driveway on his own for the first time. I already know watching my baby do the same will have the same effect.

I can't imagine how I will be doing when they move away!

Here I was feeling sorry for myself because I have to make some zucchini chocolat bread for bible study & dinner, you're hands are way more full!

Hugs & love,

Mocha with Linda said...

My post today was random as well! And we begin our Bible Study tomorrow as well!

LuAnn said...

Dear friend ~ We have a lot of the same stuff going on 1) our junior sons. He seems to be always on the go and I do believe it is the car thing and wanting to start to feel a little independence. Can I say ..... I don't like it one bit. I want to keep him under our roof and never let him go. My husband tells me good luck with that. I had a dental experience yesterday. I have not been in 6 yrs sorry to say (no dental ins) and I have never had a cavitiy. Felt this little hole in my tooth and ran right in. Just a chip thank heavens and still at 47 yrs no cavities but they inform me I have gum infection - (dease) so yesterday they took care of the left side of my mouth and next week the right. Can I say the anxiety was terrible. They squirted some great numbing stuff on my gums - loved it.

I will be glad for you when OCtober comes - and sorry about the college son - he has to be a boy thing - don;t you think?? I guess I have had a random moment right here on your blog !!!
hugs :)

RaD said...

I am so glad I do not suffer from allergies like that! Mine with asthma are bad enough but tooth pain, Yikes!

Our friend's son just went off to college and she is complaining of the same thing, he never calls often enough!

Kim said...

I have been thinking a lot lately about how this older body can't seem to keep up with my younger mind :) I have THINGS TO DO, PLACES TO GO, PEOPLE TO SEE, and my poor old body just wants to take a nap. lol

H-Mama said...

Bless your heart. Tooth pain is no fun. Hope that gets better soon! ((hugs))

Michelle said...

getting caught up on my blog reading {finally}

i put off the dentist all.the.time. heehee