Monday, September 27, 2010

Sheer determination

I met up with my mom in Dallas on Saturday to head to Boston for a girls weekend.
As we were taxing to the runway, I noticed something on the window....

Do you see it?
It is a very tiny winged ant.

It had attached itself to the window.
I asked my mom how long do you think that little guy can hold on? He was already struggling just taxing to the run way and was turning all sorts of different ways to figure out how to hold on. He kept trying to find the right position to keep his wings from getting caught in the wind. He was so determined to hang on.

It hit me at that moment that that is how I want to hold on to God as I walk through this life. And how when the winds of storms come, I can't always just sit right where I am....I need to readjust to find the best position that allows me to hold tight to Him.....maybe more prayer time is needed, maybe more study of His Word, maybe time with friends who encourage me and hold me accountable. Like this little ant, when those winds come, and they will, I may need to move to keep my eyes and best grip on Christ.

But unlike this little ant, God is also holding tightly on to me!!

I was so impressed by the sheer determination of this ant.
He held on to that window until we got 1/2 down the runway....when he was ripped off by the wind.

Honestly, I wish I had a ounce of that determination (not to mention strength...seriously). But most times, I tend to just let go. And then I flounder.

Maybe next time I will have learned a little from this tiny ant.


Rebecca Jo said...

I love this!!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Reminds me of the old song High Hopes! Great application.

Ohilda said...

Loved this post and your analogy. So very true. I also wished I had that determination and strength, especially during storms.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I just love it when God transforms something that may seem insignificant into a wonderful lesson!

As his people it is up to us to seek out and learn the lessons he is trying to show us in all things!


Jewel said...

Honey it sounds like you did learing something from that tiny ant.

I love it when God speaks to us through nature and things outside of written or spoken word.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring. :)

RaD said...

That's a great analogy. It's so true!

Sara said...

When it comes to my kids, I could hang on longer then the ant. With everything else, I'm learning to let go. With my reliance on Jesus? I'm gonna need to go to the fabric store and get myself some velcro! ;)

Karin said...

Love the analogy...hanging onto Him right now and trusting His promises.

Cathy said...

Great words Sara! I'm so glad to know He's holding me too. That helps when my grip gets weak.

Thanks for this reminder.

LuAnn said...

That was awesome - have you ever considered writing a devotional book in your "spare" time ????

Amy said...

You make me want to go to Boston. My husband lived there and just raves about it. OK...sign me up I'm goin!!

Great, beautiful pictures.