Friday, September 24, 2010

Project 365 - Week 39

Week 39.

Well, we are finally getting into a rhythm here and getting used to only having 3 people in the house. I miss my kids, but I have to say that things are going really well.

And to top it off, this week all my favorite shows started back up! love it!!

Here's my week:

We added Abel's sacrifice to the Wall of Faith


That is one spoiled dog!!!


Not a great picture, but did enjoy the premiere of Glee.


No picture today.
It seems like I am having one of these at least once a week...ugh!
But I did enjoy watching Survivor tonight!
It makes me laugh to watch these people. After so many seasons of Survivor, you KNOW they have watched the show....and yet they STILL get upset when somebody lies or has a double alliance. Really?


I made this tonight....YUM!
Go here for the recipe.


That's my husband in the white helping take out the set for the band at half time!! What a great night! the band sounded awesome and we won the game in the last 10 seconds!!!!
Here's a little bit of how we sounded....

Meeting my mom in Dallas and then we are off to Boston for the week!!!

Ok, that's my week. How was yours?


Esthermay said...

Everything your church does in terms of decorating for a theme is magnificent! Very nice. I like this --

Spoiled doggie! Every family should have one.

...never seen "Glee..." or "Survivor"
& I don't quite get the fascination with television shows, but it makes me smile that people take pictures of their t.v. sometimes! hehehe! (OKAY Okay... I do admit, I have watched a show called "NCIS" and I can understand the addiction factor...) HAPPY, GLEEE!!! (And I did take a picture of my television set once during a MINNESOTA VIKINGS game:(

NICE VIDEO!!Incredible sound for that size band! The parakeets are going nuts here with it playing in the background! You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful Christian school with such great programs :)
Completely awesome that they won in the last 10 seconds! Saw that on your FB page Friday -- YEA!!!

I see on your airline tickets that they run your name altogether like they do mine. Mark reminds me often of the curse of keeping my maiden name... HA!

Have a safe trip and enjoy time with your MOM!

Dena said...

Great pictures! Spoiled dogs are the best kind in my opinion. :)

Yea for Glee! I don't watch survivor, but I do like Parenthood.

Great band with great sound!@

Have fun on your trip.

StephieAnne said...

Enjoy Boston - what a wonderful time of year to be there!

Mocha with Linda said...

Fun week!

Rebecca Jo said...


Oh - I've never been to Boston... I'd love to go visit up North during the Fall!!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Wish I would have been at your house for supper on Thursday! YUM!!!
Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Karin said...

Can't wait to see you in Boston on Wed!!!

Christine said...

Looks like a pleasant week, Sara. Glad you had a nice one before your trip. I can't wait to hear about all the best spots in Boston! Have a great time!

Maria said...

I have only watched one episode of Glee, but would like to watch more. Have fun in Boston! I was there in 1987 to see my best friend graduate from Harvard Law School. I live on the west coast and look forward to visiting the east coast again some day.

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh I love Glee too but I was sad that they changed nights and times..I missed it becuase of football practice but caught it on Hulu Wednesday night! And I missed a picture on Wed this week! Band sounds great and yay for the win! We had a heartstopping win on Friday night as well! Have fun in Boston! Would love to visit there someday.

Lori said...

Loved the band clip... They sound great!! How tall is Jared... maybe the picture but he looks about 2 feet taller! Have a great time in Boston. If you have a chance, do the audio walking tour (if you haven't done it already) oh and eat a crab cake at Legal Seafood for me - they are incredible and the best I've ever had!!!

The DG Family said...

I really need to start watching Glee! I've heard so much about it. My daughter's in the band, looking forward to half time music and Friday nights at the football field.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I hear ya on the fav shows commig back. I enjoyued all my faves this week to!

My week is up!

My son was in band when he was in HS. I remember those nights in the bleachers wating for the half time show! It was fun as long as it wasn't too clod!


Mimi said...

It looks like a great week! I'm glad you're finally falling into a new routine.

Hugs & love,

The Bug said...

The band at Dr. M's school is really small too - but they sound GREAT this year (last year, not so much).

That dinner looks excellent!

skoots1mom said...

such fun've been busy

Kim said...

What a fun week! Glad to hear you're adjusting to just one kid at home :) It does take some getting used to, doesn't it?!

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL time in Boston with your mom!

Tori said...

Lily looks very comfy with Jared!
Your dinner looks great, but then again it always does!
Have a super trip and relax!! Will be looking forward to seeing everything you did!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

That's one cuddly dog, is what that is. Precious.

The band really does sound great. Made me sort of miss my marching band days. I always enjoyed the performances. It was the practices that weren't so fun. But isn't that the way it always is?

Have fun in Boston!!!! How exciting!

RaD said...

Your boy's band sounded great!

Have fun in Boston this week!

rita said...

Love seeing your Hall of Faith every week.
Never tried Glee.
We're watching DWTS, like Jennifer Gray.
Had to look at the recipe. Interesting!
I'm not used to football and band tradition growing up, but am getting into it now with grandson.
Have a great time w/ mom!

Cathy said...

I haven't posted mine yet. I may try to do it tonight. Have fun in Boston.

Ladynred said...

What a fun week you had! The pasta looks yummy!

H-Mama said...

What a sweet puppy pic! Too cute! I've been watching Glee online. :) Have fun on your trip!!