Saturday, July 10, 2010

Project 365 - Week 28

Week 28.

It has been a roller coaster week with my emotions.  I had to say goodbye to my daughter, very hard, but had LOTS of fun the rest of the week to get my mind off of it!!  Have I said before that I love summer?  I love everything about it...yes, even the heat....and it's going so fast!!!

My next couple of weeks are going to be very busy.  I am going to do my best to blog, but I may be hit or miss.....or even MIA.  These are just a few of the things I will being doing:  getting my son ready to go on a mission trip, visiting some of my best friends and doing a lot of resting and laughing, getting my son home from his mission trip and off to band camp in 2 days (means mad laundry skills), go see my mother and help her go through and empty her basement.....and all the regular stuff in between!!!

So here's my week:
What a great day!!  We had so much fun!

We invited 5 families over after church for a BBQ and swimming.  Great food, great friends...what could be better?  How about God showing up in a big way?  While we were in the pool playing volley ball, one of the women looked down and realized her engagement ring had come off.  We quickly turned off the pump in the pool and everyone started looking.  But we could not find the ring in the pool, which really worried me.  If it had been flung off while playing, it could be anywhere in the bushes and shrubs and the likelihood of us finding it was pretty small.  After looking for quite a while, I stopped everyone and said let's pray.  So, I said a quick prayer asking God to help us find this ring (the husband was looking a bit nauseous!).  It wasn't 2 minutes when my daughter and her friend yelled "we found it!".  It had been flung off her finger clear over to the foundation of the house...a good 10+ feet away.  We never would have looked there, but the girls were going in the house and it caught their eye......yea God!!!

This part never gets easier.

We said goodbye to Alyssa this morning.  
We probably won't see her till Christmas. 
It's going to be a tough day.

We support Young Life.
This week they have a large group of teens at camp.
This band reminds me to pray for one teen while they are there!!
I thought this was a great idea!!

The youth group had a pool party at our house tonight.
Very fun!  I love it when they come over.

I was so excited to get to meet and have dinner with Mama Belle today!!!  Her family is vacationing about an hour from us and so my husband and I drove there to meet them!!  After seeing them in pictures, it is sooooo fun to meet them face to face!!

And of course we had to have a picture to reminisce the great Eye Brow War!!
if you never saw this....go check it out....hilarious!!!
and be sure to visit Mama Belles part of the Eye Brow War..

I love my neighbors!!!!
 I should be packing since I am leaving to visit some friends tomorrow, but instead I was canning spaghetti sauce with my friend Wendi.  I had so many tomatoes that would have gone bad while I was gone and it is pretty much a sin to lose a homegrown tomato!!!
I think I will be up late tonight!

Now it's your turn to show us your week and link up below!!



Mama Belle said...

Where in the world an I looking?

It was so wonderful meeting you all. I just love you even more now.

Now, get to packing.

Mocha with Linda said...

Your pics always make me smile!

And I have never seen such a huge backyard pool! What fun!

Tori said...

Yay God! Love that you stopped, prayed and found the ring!
Have to say volleyball looks like the thing to do this week at your place.
I love the YL wrist band idea!
Glad you had fun with Mama Belle. The eyebrow picture is hilarious!
Get packing have some anxious people here waiting to see you!! Drive safe!

Karin said...

My mom used to can tomatoes. I can still vividly remember the smell of them cooking when I cam home from school. So cool about the ring and meeting your bloggy friend.

Karin said...

My mom used to can tomatoes. I can still vividly remember the smell of them cooking when I cam home from school. So cool about the ring and meeting your bloggy friend.

The Bug said...

Boy I hope we don't get THAT many tomatoes ripe at the same time! Yikes! Although later it would be nice to have some canned tomato juice...

Sorry your daughter had to leave - hopefully you'll be so busy doing fun things that the time will fly until you see her again.

Enjoy your busy week!

The DG Family said...

Enjoying this 365 Project!! What a fantastic idea and way to capture special memories. Garden tomatoes are a favorite, looks yummy!!

Beverlydru said...

You are more ambitious than I with putting up your tomatoes. We have bucket loads and are just giving them away like crazy. Hugs on the goodbyes with your precious know I understand! Always enjoy your week in pics.

LuAnn said...

I won the grass cutting. How fun to meet Ma Belle. The husband ans their brows crack me up. Have fun with your friends. I leave for vacation this Friday - Joel and Phil leave for a youth rally on Wednesday and will come to meet me on Saturday. So I won't be linking up next week. Blessings to you this week.

Darla said...

oh Sara! when i read what all you have going makes me want to get a hotel room while in LR. i certainly don't mind if you end up feeling stressed. really! i have the same kindof month here. it is gonna be a little crazy. or i guess we can be crazy together? :)please do not hesitate to let me know.

RaD said...

Lucky you having warm enough weather to swim in! Actually since being back from vacation our weather has warmed up considerably.

Love the Eyebrow war pictures. I think it's a tie!

That was a lot of tomotoes. Hope you weren't up too late :)

Elizabeth said...

What a full week you had! I would be devastated if I lost my ring, which is why we got insurance on it. That's so scary! And I'm sad for you to have to say goodbye to Alyssa for a while. I dread those days, even though they'll be so sweet too in so many ways.

So, since your week is so busy I probably won't get to see you this week when I'm in LR, right? Can the kids and I swim in your pool:)?

Lisa said...

Don't tell me it doesn't get easier to say goodbye to your kids! That's not encouraging. :)

Your family has certainly gotten your monies worth out of your pool! Love it when God answers pray that obviously.

Have a fun time away!

Dena said...

You and I are alike in our love of Summer. I too love everything about it!

I agree that saying good-bye to your children never gets easier, and mine only live an hour away. I can't imagine not seeing them for months at a time. ((hugs))

You're pool looks so refreshing and inviting! I'm sure you get much enjoyment from it.

How fun to meet another blogger. :)

Rita said...

Busy is an understatement for you! How do you do it all?
I am having a hard enought time with my daughter turning one, let alone driving off not to be seen for 6 months!!
Great eye brow pic - too funny!
What a great pic of the produce! Your tomatos are beautiful - ours aren't ripe yet, but soon, very soon!

Teresa Dawn said...

I love your photo week posts. I've thought about joining before, but I do the same things almost every day.

Wake up, go to the rink, go home, visit my parents, go home again haha.

Kim said...

Great week but exhausting! lol I seriously got tired just reading about it :)

Hope your summer doesn't go by too fast and you enjoy every sun-soaked minute of it!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I am totally jealous of all your gorgeous tomatoes. I have not had great success with my garden as yet!

I have gotten a few cherry tomaotes and I am still waitng for my big tomatoes to come in!

and I just love it when God answers those prayers in a timely fashion. I can't count the time lost items have been prayed over and then found shortly after praying. God is god all the time and he cares about every aspect of our lives even our lost stuff!


Mimi said...

What great shots! I can't wait until our tomatoes come in. We always make stewed tomatoes to keep us through the winter!

Susan said...

I so love home grown tomatoes. Your pics are fabulous and so inviting. My kids are heading off to church camps this week. I love the idea of giving them a bracelet to remind people to pray for them.

Isn't it fun meeting other bloggers IRL? I have done it several times and am ALWAYS blessed by it!



H-Mama said...

Thinking of you having to say goodbye to your girl has me taking a deep sigh for you, (((Sara))).

What a busy week... I think your neighbors are wonderful too. Looks yummy.

Do you know how many times we have driven right by Mama Belle's church? Our hubs know each other, but we have never met. Sad, huh?

He & Me + 3 said...

How cool that you got to meet a blogging friend. I think it is so fun and such a great experience to meet blog friends IRL.
So glad they found the engagement ring...*phew*
Your neighbors garden must be so big.

rita said...

Hospitality, such a God-idea! He always shows up too and blesses!
And that pool is such a great tool!
Our girl is at camp this week too.
What a neat/sweet opportunity--to meet a bloggy friend!
As I read/viewed the eye-brow wars I found myself practicing various poses ;)
Those abundant veggies make me soooooooooo jealous! Oh, but on the other hand, that would mean a lot of work :(

Jill said...


Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Lots of yummy, fresh summer food! I TOTALLY need to learn how to can.

Hahhhh! The Eyebrow Wars were the best. I STILL laugh just thinking about it! So glad you got to meet up with Mama Belle.

That's crazy about the wedding ring!! God is good.