Saturday, April 10, 2010

**UPDATED** Kidnapped! and Project 365, Week 15

***Well I am home and below I've updated this post with my weeks pictures!!! Enjoy!!!***

That got your attention, didn't it!

Well, I kidnapped my husband for his 50th birthday.

When he got up on Thursday, I handed him is suitcase and told him to get it packed. Later that morning we headed out to Branson, MO for the weekend.
No, not because he is now "old".....
..but because we have never been there and it is not far from home.

We are having a BLAST.
We have not taken a trip, just the 2 of us, in a long time.....
...empty nest is lookin' really good.......just sayin'!!

Anyway, I am not home to post for Project 365

Week 15:


My daughter turned 21 today!!!

Why are you looking for the living among the dead?
He is Risen!!!

I was telling my friend, Dena, that Steve and I went out to try Sushi the other night. However, we got to the restaurant and had no idea what to order.

So, she took me and 2 other friends out to "teach" us how to order sushi!!
I was surprised at how much I LOVED it!!

It was very fun sitting up at the sushi bar and watching him make it all.

I even loved the raw was delicious!!!
I am hooked!!!


Steve bought me some Cali Lilies for Easter.
I love how when I water them, the water is drawn up into the plant and comes out the tip of the flower in a drop!!

THIS is spring time in Arkansas.......ugh!
That, my friends, is pollen.
It is that are left out side, look yellow!!
Imagine what that does to your sinuses.....bad, very bad.


had to get out of the house for youth tonight... we decided to hang out at Starbucks and harass our son!!!
..not really, but it was fun to see him mopping the floor!

Happy 50th Birthday to my husband!!!

I kidnapped him this morning and took him away for the weekend to Branson, MO.
We had his birthday dinner at Joe's crab shack!!!
See all that lobster......GONE!

We had a little surprise when we checked in to our condo....

I think we got the honeymoon package by mistake.... :)


What a great day!
We spent the morning lounging around and then sat through a sales presentation on time shares.....we were given 2 tickets to a show at the end and they were dismayed by our strength to say NO to the time share!! I'll sit through just about anything for free tickets! ha!
We toured Stonehill winery in the afternoon, this was taken while tasting wine at the end of the tour! yum! And then we spent the evening at the Dixie Stampede!


What are vacations for than for relaxing and napping?

We saw the 12 tenors in the morning. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed them...that is until one of them grabbed me from the audience to dance...ugh! Maybe it was because I was the youngest lady in the room! ha!

Then in the evening we went to see Six....

These guys were AWESOME!!!!
they are brothers and all their music and instruments were made only with their voices..very cool! they were also a lot of fun. I think this was my favorite show!

Enjoy each other's weeks and I will post mine when I get home.....

..see you then!!

**thanks for linking up even though I wasn't here!!! you guys are fantastic! Can you believe we passed day 100 this week? Keep it up!**


Esthermay said...

Happy Birthday, STEVE!!!!

Mark’s 50th Birthday fell on a Saturday. He had a funeral in the a.m. and a wedding to perform in the afternoon. I KIDNAPPED him too! The bride & groom were in on it and we made a big production of it during the wedding reception. This, of course, before Facebook & Project 365 :-(

Here’s hoping your time away is very very (veRY!) memorable!

GOD's RICHEST Blessings on your husband, your marriage and your ministry :)


Sara said...

I hate surprises but I can honestly say I wouldn't mind a little "kidnapping"!
Kudos to you for planning it!
Hope it was a birthday he'll never forget ;)

He & Me + 3 said...

Kidnapping sounds fun. Have a great time!

Linda said...

Love your blog!

Heather of the EO said...

Oh what fun!

Happy Birthday to your hubby :)

LuAnn said...

can't wait to see the pictures!!!

LuAnn said...

can't wait to see the pictures!!!

Karin said...

So glad you're having fun!! Can't wait to hear about it...well, some of it. :)

Mocha with Linda said...

What a fun weekend! Enjoy!

Mimi said...

What a great surprise, I hope you two had a fantastic time!

RaD said...

Hope you had a great time!

Kim said...

How fun! I once kidnapped Ivan for a weekend, too. Right before we moved from Florida to Michigan. It was off season and we were able to get a room right on the ocean and took a day trip on a schooner (which, unfortunately, made me terribly sea sick but that's beside the point). We watched the sun rise one morning, and just enjoyed a relaxing time together. He loved it! And so did I :-)


skoots1mom said...

i'll be later getting into 365...i'm out of town but will be headed home soon.

Elizabeth said...

Have fun away! Enjoy your time alone!

McCrakensx4 said...

Lucky duckies....that kind of kidnapping or mannapping sounds fun! Hope you are having a great time.

Elizabeth said...

Wow... you are brave to sit through a time share... I did that one time and will never do it again. They make you feel so bad for saying No and they actually started getting mad at me. I will never put myself through that again!

RaD said...

I wish I was past day 100! Oh well, even though I am behind it's still been fun!

Glad you are enjoying yourselves, way to surprise your hubby on his B-day!

H-Mama said...

Happy birthday to your daughter and hubs!! What a good wifey you are! ;)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...


I have a sushi Buddie, we sometimes go and get it for lunch after our bible study.

Wonderful 365.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

What a fun week! You are so sweet...making your husband's birthday so special.

Ladynred said...

Is this the right place? I'm joining the fin of 365 day!
Happy b-day to your daughter and hubby! Can u believe I also have sushi photo! lol

Debra said...

Sara, Happy Birthday to your hubby! You did good with your little surprise fun and it sure looks like y'all had a blast! Sushi? Hmmm, I don't think so I just can't see myself eating raw fish....uh uh, no way!

Mocha with Linda said...

I know why you describe yourself as adventurous now! LOL Sushi makes me shudder; lobster does too. And my man would never sit through one of those presentations!

Glad y'all had a fun time!

Linda said...

looks like a wonderful ending to a wonderful week with a wonderful man! good for you!

Tori said...

So glad you had fun and that you were able to pull it off! Never had sushi but keep hearing more and more about it. I don't like seafood, so I probably won't like it.
Glad you enjoyed the show and that you're still young enough to be pulled from the audience! Too funny!!
Have a great week!!

Jill said...

Wonderful! Happy Birthday to your main squeeze!

Kim said...

Very fun photos for the week! We really like sushi too and were excited to find a sushi place when we visited Mendoza. Other than making it at home, we don't have access here :-(

What a lot you packed into your weekend! Glad you had a wonderful time. Happy 50th to Steve!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

Oh, I'm so glad for you that you've found a new love in sushi. SO, SO good!!

Huh! I had no idea calla lilies did that when watered. Love that color!!

Ugh. Pollen...

Love that y'all had a fun getaway. I'm so impressed that you guys did that whole timeshare hard sell thing...and resisted! Good for you!!

But what?! No pictures of you dancing??!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Ah...what a fun week! Joe's YUM..I love me some lobster!! And what a fun hot tub ooh la la! We sat through some of those presentations in Vegas to get us some free worth it!! That is if you can stick to your guns and say NO and we did!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

a perfect week. Happy Birthday to your girl again. She is just beautiful. Never tried sushi....but doesn't sound so good. Although, now you have me thinking I might want to try it. The pollen looks like the dust in my house. LOL I kid...but almost. I hate dusting.
Glad you all had a nice time.

LuAnn said...

WHat an awesoe kidnapping !!!! I love the bibs :)

The Bug said...

Glad you had fun! I'm just now getting to go check out everyone's pictures - my boss got back from vacation yesterday & it's been a bit busy. I love sushi too - but I haven't branched out much beyond California Rolls & crunchy tuna rolls - yum!

Lisa said...

Looks like such a great time! Nice it when God does those little extras for us.

Wow...that restaurant makes ALL their birthday people do that?? My husband would not find the humor either.

So inspiring to see y'all having fun after all these years together. Its beautiful!