Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Dozen

I had a very busy weekend. My son and I went up to John Brown University for a visit. We both really liked the school!! Jason had already been accepted, but had to audition to get into the Worship Ministry major. It seemed to go well, but we won't know for sure till March......I really dislike waiting!!

but while I am waiting, I am joining Linda at 2nd cup one more time for Random Dozen. It has an Olympic theme this time......I love the Olympics!!!

1. If you could compete in one Olympic event (not necessarily winter sports) what would it be? I would love to just be able to compete in the Olympics in anything...really I just want to walk in on opening night.....but if I had to choose, it would be tennis or swimming..my two sports in HS.

2. Do remember a specific Olympic moment from the past? First, I remember very clearly Nadia getting the first 10 in gymnastics. Second, probably the bombing in Atlanta..mainly because that was the one Olympics I was fortunate enough to attend. We got there the day after the bombing. But even with that..it was an exciting week!!

3. Have you ever known anyone who competed in the Olympics? nope

4. If everyday activities were Olympic-worthy, which activity would you have a gold medal in? Probably how many times I can clean a kitchen each day and how fast. Or maybe Lunch making & sacking!!!

5. Do you know anything about your ethnic heritage? well my dad is adopted so I don't know that side of the family. And my mom's side would say my heritage is....Texan! :)

6. Do you enjoy sleeping late? I just enjoy sleeping till I wake up....without an alarm!

7. Have you ever performed CPR on anyone? Do you know how? (Yes, that's two, I know. Whatevs.) Thank goodness I have never had to, but yes I do know how.

8. Name one country you'd like to visit and explain why. I would like to go back to Italy..because it was amazing. but I would also like to go to Norway....because I wrote a paper on it in the 5th grade and have always wanted to go there ever since.

9. Have you ever fixed up a couple romantically? nope....that always tends to go badly.

10. What is the last book you read? White Picket Fences. I am currently reading The Help.

11. Do you enjoy sleeping late? NO, YOU write the question! How's that for random?? Are you wondering when you will get some answers in LOST? YES!!!!!!! I am still so very confused.

12. What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant? I think it would have to be the fillet Mignon at Outback Steak House!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Jill said...

YUM! Love filet at Outback...and the sleeping in WITHOUT alarm clock!
Hope your week is going well Sara!

StephieAnne said...

Great fun! I'm so happy you get to go visit your daughter.....(from Facebook)....
Yes, I was going to challenge you and Linda to start giving me your theories regarding LOST. Last night's symbolism was huge!

Susan said...

I love the steak at Outback, period! Your answers are wonderful. I always regret that we didn't get to Atlanta during the Olympics there. It is so close to our home and that is sad.

I need to head out to get the questions.

:-) susan

Joyce said...

Best of luck with the university admission..the waiting is definitely the hardest part.

I loved #5-Texan! That's good : )

Cathy said...

Oh I love the fillet mignon at Outback!!

Just Breathe said...

I don't have an alarm yet I seldom sleep past 7am! It seems like when I am reading everyones answers about past Olympics things I go "oh yes I remember that" but didn't think about it for my answer. Hope your having a wonderful day.

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Oh, the waiting. March will be here before you know it. I hope he gets into the program.

The Help has been mentioned a couple of times in the Random Dozen. I will be checking that one out.

You LOST people make me laugh. I have no room to talk though. Fringe can sometimes be hard to follow too.

So many people are choosing fillet Mignon or Prime Rib. Hmmm. It's making me hungry.

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your "Texas" heritage answer and your #6 - waking up without an alarm is soooo nice!

Outback is great!

Jackie said...

Love your blog and your "randomness"!

I'm following along with your now and hope you can drop by my place for a visit sometime!! I love meeting new bloggy sister's in the Lord!!

Sweet Blessings!

skoots1mom said...

hubs was a 1st responder during the Olympics...he had just gotten home from having worked the Olympic Park venue when they announced the bombing...what a blessing he was gone before it went off :)

Susanne said...

I'm not good at waiting either. All the best to your son on his admission!

I've always wanted to go to the Outback just to try the Blooming Onion I see advertised.

Amy said...

Scholarships are very good things, keep us informed. I remember what that was like!! I really enjoy waking up without the alarm and really need to do it more often. I loved your #4, yeah that sounds about right.

Great answers


Denise said...

And just when was the last time you got to sleep until you wake up? With your life it would be amazing!

How wonderful that you got to attend an Olympic week! What event did you get to watch?

Jessie at Blog Schmog said...

Definitely with ya on 6!

AtlantaMama said...

Hi Sara,
I'm finding you thru Mimi at He & Me + 3 because she's doing your "picture a day" challenge. That is such a cool idea! I've looked over your blog and I love it!!
I enjoyed this post and did not even know that there is/was such a thing as Worship Ministry major... but that's awesome. (My husband was a Christian Ministry Major though and I was in music so it's like your son will get such a great Combo!!)

I'll keep checking back....
Have a great rest of the week! And happy picture taking!!!!

; )
Atlanta Mama

Barbie said...

Hello! I enjoyed your blog and will definately be following. I hear you about cleaning the kitchen. Seems like it's all I do some days. I love Outback! My husband and I have a gift card so I am going to have to go so and consume me a Filet!!!

Margaret said...

Sara: You do however know one of the announcers in the Olympics, Dan Hicks. Katie Hick's little brother. Margaret