Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project 365 - Week 7

Week 7.

Well, I tried. I really did.

I tried to go a whole week without photographing any challenge from Esthermay.

I failed........I just couldn't do it. In fact, I didn't even realize I had taken some food shots until I went to write this post. Now, you might not call butter food......but it is a must have in this kitchen!!! And the photo of the kids cooking was more about the kids than the food...nevertheless there is food in the shot.

But the purple milkshake? ya, food.

I guess I am a foodie at heart and that's not gonna change!!!

Enjoy my week:

I realized I hadn't take a foot shot in a while..ha! And since I have been challenged to not take a "food" picture for a week (thx Esthermay) , I can't show you all the great food I made for the super bowl party last night...your loss! So I got some of my friends to prop up their feet for a picture, because the best part of last night was spending time with my friends! And then the Saints won!!


We woke up to an unpredicted and record breaking snow fall today.

So Jason decided to make us all waffles...
....please note how many bowls he has used!
But they were awesome AND he cleaned it all up!
LOVE it!


Ok, I must admit this is beautiful with the blue sky backdrop!

However, what you don't see is the thick layer of ice on the road due to it raining yesterday evening and then freezing over night. We ended up getting 7.5" of snow...a record. We normally average 5" for the entire winter.

Now I am hoping that sun will melt the ice a a bit (even though it is going to be below freezing all day) so that my husband and son can get to the airport for their trip! They are leaving for AZ for Jared's 16th birthday trip.


Jason and I went out to get him some new glasses tonight...
..he lost his, but that is another story.

then we went out to dinner.
Can you guess where we ate?

**no one on my other blog guessed. I think they are only in the south...but the purple milkshake is a dead giveaway for the ...Purple cow!**


I received my butter bell from Mike at Klaytivity!!!
and I love it!! the color is beautiful!

I first heard Rita at meemaw moments talk about her husband making these. they keep the butter at the perfect spreading temperature and then keep it fresh by a airtight water seal in the base. My trick will be remembering to change the water every 3 days!!


Jason and his girlfriend, Lauren, made dinner for me tonight!
stuffed bell peppers.
Loved the food and especially loved the company!!

Home alone tonight watching the first night of the Olympics.
boys are still gone and Jason is at work,
but I had a great afternoon in Conway with my BFF!

How was your week? Link up!


Esthermay said...

Hahahahaha! I failed too.
We are officially “foodies!”

Foo* -- Foo*? Okay. Completely different. I like those white/rose feet. Those look awesome for walking. What are they?

Snow = pretty! So pretty. Do you live across the street from a church? It looks like a church. oH – Yeah...snow. It’s so pretty.

Nice Job, JASON! Three bowls, a skillet and a waffle iron. Gourmet waffle recipe I presume. Peanut butter on waffles, though? Clearly this is a guy thing.

I do like the blue sky against white snow. So Pretty. {I think I said that already.} I go nuts with my camera on a clear day here. Snow is so Pretty :-)

Ice – on the other hand -- just.plain.dangerous.
I caught bits of your airplane delay dilemma on FB – did they eventually get off?

Lost new glasses?! oH nO!!! Those dark frames do look good on him.

Not sure what the “Purple Cow” is since I’m such a Yankee; but I think my dad knows. As a joke I guess, he has (for years) referred to a beautiful Bed&Breakfast and Dinner Restaurant here called The Lavender Inn as “PurpleCow” ---> *Go figure???*

*wow* I guess I’ve sorta’ glazed over the whole concept of ButterBell. I must get one of these. Neato’ I hate hard butter on toast. MeSS! (The post below with all the molds is really nice. Such neat memories and very nice photos.)

Happy Valentines Day, Sara!
But heY! ...where's the shot of those roses from your Valentine??

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Where to begin...

the feet of friends - loved it!

Think we got the snow after you for a record-breaking winter here in the DC area.

I would've had a pic this week of a homemade purple cow, but we were conserving milk since we didn't know how long we'd be snowed in and just had grape juice instead. The purple cows would have been a lot more fun!

We're foodies around here too and I've thought about her challenge and then thought, "nah!" It's too big a part of our life.

Enjoyed your week!

Kim said...

The snow looks pretty, but ice is NO FUN.

I hope you're going to tell the story of how Jason lost his glasses :-) Our son went swimming with his brand new pair of titanium frame glasses when he was 14 and lost them; they sank into the muck on the bottom and were never seen again. We were a little perturbed! LOL

Never heard of the Purple Cow but their shakes look delicious!

I wasn't consciously thinking about NOT taking food photos but managed to get through the week without any :-) Too busy cleaning and organizing :-)

He & Me + 3 said...

I took a picture of food this week. I think my first. LOL
My kids are watching the Olympics with hubs right now. That milkshake looks yummy and Jason's glasses are very cool. Did he end up with those frames?
We got some snow too. Wednesday was a snow day and the kids loved it.

Rita said...

Really, when you think of how much time a day we spend planning, preparing and partaking of food, what else is to be expected! My fav is when someone makes it for me - lucky you, waffles and dinner!
At least you got all your days in, I missed two this week :(!

The Bug said...

Here's a poem I remember from our Childcraft books when I was a kid:

I never saw a purple
I never hope to see one
but I can tell you anyhow
I'd rather see than be one!

Great pics this week - I have a food picture this week too. I wanted to go ahead & get my pics posted but I didn't want to go looking for a picture to take - so I took one of breakfast!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Butter bells are the BEST!!!

I just read that every state (except Hawaii) has snow right now...crazy!

beckyjomama said...

I love that you have a jar of peanut butter in your waffle pic - we ALWAYS put PB on waffles and pancakes. I thought it was just our family!

And your pics are always so good ... even when they ARE of food!

Amy said...

I miss Conway...glad you got to go and enjoy it!!

I love that butter bell...I am going to have to go check it out. I am SOOO tired of butter dishes and cold butter.

Loved all of your pictures this week...


H-Mama said...

I almost posted my foot pic from the Superbowl too. Hehe! That butter bell looks fun. I love that your kids are following in your foodie footsteps. ;)

McMrs said...

Loved your week!

& i see nothing wrong with food! =]

btw I love purple cows! YUM!

Anonymous said...
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Aspiemom said...

It looks like a FUN week! Including food!

I don't think I ever heard of a butter bell - I'll have to look into that.

I like Jason's new glasses. They make him look very GQ!

Lisa said...

Yeah, men do things different in the kitchen. A for effort though.

Your snow is beautiful and the best part is it won't stay around for long.

Its fun to get time with just one girls would LOVE it if we had a Purple Cow.

Good week!

Mocha with Linda said...

You always have such fun pics! Love the butter bell - never heard of one, but I love the color of that one.

And in response to Rachel about snow in every state - it does include Hawaii. There are snow-capped volcanos there.

Dena said...

Great pictures...although I'm not a fan of your snow pictures, for obvious reasons. ha!

A man that cooks...his future wife will LOVE that!

The new frames look great.

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week! Snow pictures are so boys were insanely jealous over all of the snow everywhere but here! And 2 meals made for you in one week by your kids...impressive!

skoots1mom said...

late getting up...didn't have a chance before church.
great pics...
love it when the boys cook...was he barefoot?!! ha ha ha

Tori said...

If you have a week without food, then something is W.R.O.N.G!!
I want to know how the butter bell works out. I love pottery and it would be very practical!
What is in a purple cow? No clue where it is.
Have a super week!!

rita said...

Hi, Sara!
So glad the butter bell made it safely, not like the first blue item sent your way ;)
And, thanks for all the publicity for Mike's Etsy store:! And, BTW, butter is the only way to go!
All you foodies inspire me to be more interested and creative in that area. Maybe I should challenge myself to a week of food pics and nothing else!
For starters, Jason has just given me an idea--waffles for supper!
It has been a very beautiful winter. Glad you get to share in that as well.

Karin said...

I hope for your sake that the snow and ice melts soon. :) We keep getting it and then losing it. Your week looks fun! The butter holder is very intriguing.

Rebecca Jo said...

I wanna butter bell!!!!!!!!!

MMMM... waffles... those look so yummy!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We had snow here as well. it was so beautiful with the clear blue sky on Saturday morning.

Wonderful pictures. I don't know if I could go a whole week with out taking a picture of some kind of food!

Butter Bell..Ithat was a new on for me! Very interesting I had never even heard of one before!

Have a great week.

Elizabeth said...

We got about 4 inches of snow which was a really nice treat for us :-)
I love the butter bell you got... the color is so rich! Just gorgeous!
Waffles.... delicious!

Jill said...

Great week!
Never heard of the Purple Cow. I would most certainly TRY IT! ;)

Melissa said...

Wow. Jason cooked TWICE this week. Good training mom. :) His girlfriend is really cute and looks like fun too.

The butter thing is neat but, don't think I would be able to remember to change the water either. I usually don;t buy or use things like that because I dont ever have the time to use them the right way.

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I have a similar butter container! Mine is Emile Henry, and I love it! Although I haven't used it in a while...
It's true. You DO have to remember that whole water thing. I'm not too good at it. But it is sooooooo nice to have yummy, spreadable butter all the time.

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Great pictures of your week! Those snow pictures do look really pretty...but ice would be no fun!

Michelle said...

i'll have to check out the purple cow, i've never heard of it either.

as always, great pictures of your week. and i agree the blue backdrop in Tuesday's picture is beautiful!

Growin' with it! said...

i like it that you are my "food" know how to make me feel good and not gain weight! ☺

Cathy said...

Looks like a great week Sara