Friday, September 25, 2009

Houston......we have SUNSHINE!!!!!!

I can not tell you what a happy girl I am today!

In fact, I am heading outside in a minute to read in the sun.
chores will have to wait!

Our pool was a mess from all the rain,
so we put the sweep in today.

Lily is finally able to get her favorite exercise...
..if you can watch till the end, she gets her prize!
Although, usually she falls in!


2Thinks said...

I'll tell ya, I got tired watching poor Lily. She is one patient dog! The pool is lovely. Ours is sitting there going to pot, as the saying goes- whatever it means- as I am too busy to chlorinate it and vacuum it and we don't swim in it- too chilly. I only went in once this year. We need to sell this place and get one with no pool- for sure.

Glad the weather is nice for you there! Enjoy the weekend.

skoots1mom said...

would love to be in your pool...Lilly had fun chasing, didn't she?!!!
we're enjoying our sun today too!

Darla said...

it felt like spring here too today! she is so cute chasing that thing, my dog won't go near the pool!

H-Mama said...

i know where i'd like to spend next summer... your pool looks so inviting! such a sweet pup!

Growin' with it! said...

was that for me? the "houston" part...cuz i'm taking it!!! we do too today. pretty cool seeing mr. sun finally shining again. and your dog...what a hoot. i don't blame her cuz the end looks like some sort of ball!

Mocha with Linda said...

We had a burst of fall and now we're up around 90 again! Sigh.

Enjoy the nice weather!

Deb Schellhase said...

We loved watching her in action. :) And, yes, the pool looked so appealing!!! Tomorrow we are going to take a dip in the Galmi Pool. It's a big round pool with greenish water, but who cares - it's wet! :)

Thanks for your sweet comments btw. Give Lily a hug from us.

TCKK said...

Beautiful pool and beautiful dog. Evidently when the rain left you, it decided to come visit us. ;-)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Yippee for sunshine! I hope it sticks around.