Sunday, August 2, 2009

Project 365 - Week 31

I am late getting my pictures up today!!! So sorry to those of you that have already come by to link up!

But I was on a float trip with the band kids yesterday and was so tired when I got home, I went to bed at 9:30....and that had been after I forced myself to stay awake as long as I could!

We had an awesome time, but I have NO pictures because it was pouring down rain for most of the trip and I didn't want to take my camera......very sad, I know!

I am pleasantly surprised this morning that my arms are not killing me.....they got quite a work out! Just starting the trip, all the kids jumped in their canoes and took off leaving my canoe, with 3 adults, and one other, with 2 boys, behind. Well we got a little way down the river and realized the boys were having a lot of trouble. I don't think either had ever canoed before. We ended up having to paddle UP stream to rescue them, drop the band director off so she could help them, then the two of us paddling like crazy to catch up to all the other kids!! But we had a fantastic time!! It was so much fun and we all thought it ended too fast!!!

Ok, so back to Project's my week!!


This was a very busy day!
I was so tired and could not wait to get my head on this pillow!


Jared spent the morning out here..
..enjoying the weather and reading his new book!
So glad that he has my love of reading!


The dreaded "back-to-school shopping"


After 3-4 weeks off because of my bronchitis
This was the week to go back to the gym

it's a love/hate relationship...


Worked most of this morning on children's church programing
We are trying to get next year completely planned


What I needed after shopping with my kids today......

Why is shopping with your kids so much more tiring than shopping for yourself?


Bus full of band kids heading to float down the Buffalo River
This is the only shot I got b/c it was POURING down rain
It rained the first hour of our float trip...
...but we had a blast!!!

Ok, so now you can link up and let us see what you were up to this week!!


fransmomma said...

glad you're feeling good again--i understand the love/hate relationship with the gym!

Dena said...

I don't take my son back to school shopping because he just grumbles the whole time (he can't stand shopping). I know he needs the basics (notebooks, pencils, binders) so I get those and then after the first day he'll tell me what else he needs.

Glad to know your finally feeling well enough to go back to the gym!

Lisa said...

nice variety...sounds like Sat was quite the adventure! Kids are great for keeping you young!

Our schools don't start until around Labor must be earlier than that to be worried about getting supplies.

Kim said...

That pillow looks mighty tempting!

Glad you're feeling up to going back to the gym. Did you work on those arms so they didn't fall off on Saturday? LOL

Seems crazy that it's already back-to-school time. Of course, here school started in March and we just finished our winter break :-)

Have a great week!

StephieAnne said...

It must have been warm rain coming down to be able to still have such a fun time on a boating trip. We so rarely have rain on a hot day here that that experience just sounds so cold and miserable!

A fellow Wipe-Out fan, huh? It's a summer family favorite for us.....

Our kiddos don't start school until the second week of September, but I grabbed the list at Walmart the other day.....our shopping time is coming soon!

TCKK said...

Looks like a busy full week. Love the pic of you son on the deck reading. I have one that loves to read and one that hates it!!

rita said...

Your float day reminded me of our family day on the pontoon party boat--the only rainy cold day of the week! But a great time anyway!
I am trying to get back into an exercise routine after hosting a teen for a month. The problem is that our life is never 'normal'. What is 'routine' anyway?
Always hated 'Back to School' ads. The grandkids start August 11th! Way too early!

H-Mama said...

we can't really relate to all of the 'back 2 school' shopping, but i certainly understand shopping with kids! ;)

Darla said...

great week, i love the float story! great memories there. haha.

Liz said...

Glad that you are feeling well enough to go back to the gym! I remember the day I took a photo of my bed for the same reason. The float trip brings back memories of when my husband and I used to float down the Illinois River. School supplies are around the corner here, but I won't get the "real" list until the first day of school- high school!

Christine said...

Great week of pictures, Sara! You're always so creative with your shots--I love it. And I'm glad you (and everyone else too) survived the canoe trip!

Esthermay said...

One of my greatest joys is to see my children READING. Beats television ANYday!!!!
Back to school? Oh! So too soon :(
Friday: oh My! :-o
Teens on a bus: [again] oh My! :-o
Great week in photos!!
- - - -
… sad/broken to hear of your friend with cancer. I have a tender and difficult time dealing with this in our lives & lives of those close to us too. Why Why & WHY!? Only God know – He created the body – He controls the life and breath in it. PRAYER truly is the only avenue we have to touch its function and healing. Our relationship to Him through prayer is only enhanced when we are broken and using that avenue of prayer.

Your tender heart blesses me and others I am sure!