Sunday, August 23, 2009

God is good........ALL the time!!

Can I get an Amen?!

Today was just the most amazing day.

Those of you in ministry know that at times you get weary. You begin to only be able to see the trees and not the forest. And sometimes you get discouraged.

But God is always, let me repeat that....always, there at those times to give you exactly what you need to know that what you are doing in His name counts. That He is working even if you can't see it. He gives you just the encouragement you need to see the forest.

Today was one of those days.

First, we had the privilege this morning to pray over and send off a family from our congregation to the mission field. They are headed to Niger. It was bittersweet. Hard to say good bye but so exciting to watch them step out in faith and obedience. We had a beautiful time of prayer as we laid hands on them and prayed God's blessings on their ministry.

This is church.

Second, we also had the privilege to celebrate with the Korean Grace Church.

They have been meeting in a house for many months and praying that God would lead them to a church building. One day, their pastor drove by our church and saw the sign, Grace Church, and knew that God had provided them a home! They are now worshiping on Sunday afternoons in our church after our service is over. Today was their official launching of their church and I can't tell you how awesome it was to be worshiping with them, hearing one song sung in 2 languages with hearts gives me chill bumps just thinking about it.

This is church.

Pastor Yoon

Worship band

Their choir
It's so amazing how you can "feel" the song...
...even when you can't understand it.

I don't know what instrument this is, but it was so cool.
She played Amazing Grace.

Some of the women were dressed in tradition Korean clothes.

After the service, we were invited to join them for a traditional Korean meal. WOW! so.good!! The food just kept coming and coming!! and we used chopsticks! :)

I am not sure what all I ate, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I asked one of the ladies what was in the little pancake things I was eating and...

......she answered me in Korean.

I said "I guess I don't want to know what's in there?"

She said "did you like it?"

I said "yes!"

she said "then, no you don't" :)

What an honor and blessing today was. Thank you, Lord, for the reminder to me of why we do what we do. Thank you for the gentle "redirection" of my attitude. But mostly, thank you.....thank you for allowing me to partner with You, Lord, in your program. You don't need me to reach the people of Little Rock. But you choose to allow me to be part of it and to therefore receive the blessing from it.

I am so in awe.

You are good..........ALL THE TIME!


H-Mama said...

i understand ;) great pix!

skoots1mom said...

love it...
we have a Liberian church that worships in our church in the afternoon (they use one of our large sunday school rooms)

what an awesome testimony for your missionaries to share in their journeys

I love it when we come together and pray for each other, worship together and, hallelujah, sing His praises together.
It's such a good GLIMPSE of Heaven :)

SusanD said...

We have a Hispanic service in the afternoon at our church. I have not been able to attend yet, but want to. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings, SusanD

My Project 365 photos are finally up. :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your post...felt like I had been to church again...

Abiding Branch said...

Sara that is fabulous!!! First of all our message from our pastor was on God being ever-present and Lord over everything! AND that He gives us what we need. He used Psalm 46 and it was amazing!!
When my daugher and I went to Brazil it was the same "feeling" The Holy Spirit speaks all languages and you knew HE was present and boy what HE felt!!
Thank you for sharing this. God, not just love but HIS love IS the international language!!

Jamie said...

He really is so good...ALL the time!

LuAnn said...

AMEN!!! He is so good - I have been feeling weary and want to get out of this funk !!!! Thanks!

2Thinks said...

I must concur- God is good- all the time. We had one of those amazing God is so good weekends over here, too. I can't blog about it until after Labor Day, but we are so in awe of our mighty God and Savior.

Great post.

Kim said...


Wow, what a great day! Always love to see/hear/read about what God is doing in other places.

We had a great Sunday too. Very different things happening in a church plant, but ALL exciting as we see the work of God in the lives of people. In Little Rock, in Uganda, in Argentina... God is good all the time! and everywhere!

rita said...

That was ALL so beautiful!
I have tears in my eyes.

Mama Belle said...

What an awesome Sunday!

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Thank you for sharing these!

shell said...

this is awesome. especially as we start our church and have been turned down by many, how encouraging! :)

Ohilda said...

AMEN!!! I have chills.

Isn't it even more awesome when you KNOW He's awesome yet leaves your mouth hanging open each and every time? Oh, how I love that man!!!!! :)

SmilingSally said...

What a rewarding day.

Rach@In His Hands said...

God IS so good!!

Awww, Koreans have a special special place in my heart. Wonder why?! ;-)

Michelle said...

how wonderful!!

Esthermay said...

... i needed this 'pick-me-up' tonight... glad I stopped by. Why are the mountain-top experiences so far and few between in ministry?

guess if we could answer that, we'd try and fix it and ruin his plan...

He IS good. ALL the time.