Saturday, August 22, 2009

Project 365 - Week 34

Our first week of school ended with no!

The boys seem to like all their teachers/classes and everything went smoothly. On top of that, we all seem to have quickly gotten back in our school groove!! I start back to work on Monday (I took the summer off), so it is great to have had it go so well!!

I had a really fun week and am in a "new recipe" streak. So I appologize now if you are hungry when you read might want to come back later!


We had a reception at church tonight for one of our families heading off to the mission field. They will be heading to Niger in a week. It has been so amazing to see God work in them as they have gone through this process over the last several years. And now they are finally going!! We are so excited for them and can't wait to hear how God will use this family to be His hands and feet!!!!
Love you guys!!!


We had the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new HS bldg last night.
So exciting to see God working on this campus!!
They started on this last spring....I really didn't think it would be completed for the fall. But God is so good and they didn't have even ONE delay....and here we are!!
It's beautiful!!


We had a huge storm blow through in the evening here
and our electricity went out just as we were sitting down for dinner
So I didn't get picture of the AMAZING meal I made of
Cuban Pork from Kim
This got a thumbs up from everyone in the family.....minor miracle!!


I have a tradition of celebrating the first and last days of school
The last day, I always get a pedicure
Today I celebrated at lunch with my good friend, Jill!!

I had to show you this......
this most delicious sandwich was made from the left over cuban pork
this is also Kim's recipe
and also completely!!!


Another new recipe!!
This one came from Darla at Heartshare
and is called King Ranch Casserole

And again EVERYONE liked it!!!
That is 2 recipes in one week that everyone liked..
..if you have 5+ people in your house then you know what a miracle that is!!!

I went to the Post Office today to mail some gifts
I had to purchase a box, tape and bubble wrap
I got it all together and got in a very LONG line..with ONE very slow worker behind the counter at the busiest time of day!!
After more than 30 min., I had moved up ONE person and was still EIGHT from the counter....yikes!! I couldn't leave b/c I had used items from the PO...........but my kids will be home from school very soon.........what to do?
.......yep, I left with all my stuff.
They are just going to have to trust that I will pay for it when I go in tomorrow...
Do we really want the government running our health care?

my son had a few friends over today, just around dinner time!
I was already fixing dinner for some of MY friends coming over, so
Jason grilled his friends burgers and they ate outside!!
Love that kid!

We had good friends over for dinner..
...Chicken Pomodoro, mashed potatoes, green beans & salad
another new recipe.....again, awesome!!
I'm on a roll!

Can't wait to see how your week went!!!


H-Mama said...

great shots, sara! lots of memories packed into one week. love that you left with your package... haha!! oh, and was that a rhetorical question? if not, my answer would be NO. ;)

Esthermay said...

I’d have had goosebumps at that ribbon cutting – the farewell for missionaries too :)

LOVe the idea of celebrating 1st and last day of school!

Orange Casserole!!! Anything you make would taste good in that casserole dish. and...
WAIT! Mr. obama said the U.S. Postal Service was very efficient. You’re confusin’ me!

. . .and Demdaco’s! Plus. . .I have a “thing” for photographs involving window sills .

Neat Week you’ve shared! Have a wonderful LORD’s Day!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great shots...I love your photos.....

Sisters Of Honor said...

Thank goodness I am too full to want all that food right now. Even still, that King Ranch Casserole looks so good. Is it the same as King Ranch Chicken? Off the top of my head I just remember lots of cheese, chicken, rotel, and tortillas.

Looks like you had a fun week!

Tiffany said...

Great pics this week. LOVE the red dish!!!

Lisa said...

Wow, you are ambitious making all those new recipes! Yes, amazing that everyone liked it!

Congrats on the new building. God must have really been in it for there not to have been ANY delays.

I second Esthermay's comment on the PO...a well run enterprise!

LuAnn said...

Great pictures, great kids, great food and great friends. I am trying a new receipe this week. Good for you to try two. We start school tomorrow.

Kim said...

Thanks for the warning -- I was eating breakfast at the time or I would have stopped reading. LOL

Your Cuban sandwich looks fabulous! So glad your family enjoyed it. It's one of our family favorites too.

I would love to try some of the recipes I find on different blogs but it's not always possible because sometimes I can't get the ingredients here. Occasionally I can substitute but other times I can't. So I'm compiling a list of "must try recipes for furlough" :-)

How exciting for the family going to Niger. Pray hard for them! The first year there are so many things to adjust to, and the possibility of health issues is heightened (PLEASE REMIND YOUR FRIEND: DO NOT DRINK THE WATER! DRINK ONLY BOTTLED). Will they have a blog? I love following missionary blogs.

I'm going to try and get some photos up this morning between cleaning up from breakfast and getting lunch on the table. I'm making a truly southern meal today: pulled bar-b-que pork, cole slaw, cornbread and baked beans. We'll see how the Argentine young people like it :-)

Have a great week!

Christine said...

Looks like a yummy week! I wish I could come to your place for dinner! ;)

Liz said...

Looks like a great week!

The Hill's said...

aww! cute pic of you and mom!