Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meetings, Marriages & Memories

Two weeks ago, I joined in Rachel’s MM&M carnival and showed you my wedding pictures. I wasn’t able to take part last week, but am joining back in today with the start of “our story”. It’s good timing to share this with you since we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary tomorrow!!! Wow, 25 years!!! Where did the time go? Well… I know where it started………

I graduated college in 1982. At that time, Dallas was the place to go to get a job. Honestly, I had no idea what I was going to do, but I knew that I did not want to go home to Arizona. I interviewed some in Kansas City and then on a whim, my best friend and I decided to move to Dallas. I had an Aunt there (my Aunt that recently passed away) and she agreed that we could stay with her until we got on our feet!!

Over the next few months, I would find a great job, move into an apartment with another friend and get settled in a young adults class at the church my Aunt went to. My Aunt had pushed me into trying out this new young adults class. I was not too sure. I had visited the other one, it was huge, and I was a new Christian…it intimidated me. But she finally convinced me to visit this “new” class that was starting. It was smaller and intended for those just out of college. After one visit, I knew I had found some great new friends and a place where I fit in!!! This group became a huge part of my life. When I wasn’t at work, I could be found with someone from this group.

One weekend, one of the guys in the class had some of us over to his apartment for a bring-your-own-meat party! They had the grills going and potatoes in the oven, very fun. I had never met this guy’s roommate, Steve, before. He didn’t go to our church, he had been driving up to Sherman, Tx each Sunday to the church he attended in college. I wouldn’t necessarily call it love at first sight, but when I walked in the door I knew there was an immediate attraction! What fun we had that night!!

Steve started coming with his roommate to more of our functions. He was still attending church in Sherman, but would come to any other function our group had. The three of us became great friends. The saying “three's a crowd” didn’t apply here. The guys lived around the corner from me, so we often got together to play games or go out for dinner. Little did I know at the time that both boys liked me……ya, I was oblivious. But my feelings for Steve were growing and people were starting to notice that we seemed to always end up sitting near each other, dancing together, etc.

Steve had graduated with his masters in education and was looking for a job teaching/coaching. It was a bit obvious that he was most likely going to have to move to find the job he wanted. We both knew we were interested in the other, but neither was willing to start a relationship knowing it would most likely end up long distance. And so we just continued on being friends…….but under the surface…..feelings were growing!

Tune in next week for………the rest of the story!


tiffany said...

Happy Anniversary, congrats on making it 25 years, that's awesome!!!

rita said...

Hey, great use of downtime!
Good lesson about prayer, too.
Wonderful to have sibling time.
Enjoy the hoof! ;)
And, please get well soon.

rita said...

And Happy 25th!!!

H-Mama said...

awww... happy 25th! looking forward to reading the next chapter. :)

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Have a fabulous celebration!

LuAnn said...


Love the story so far - you left me hanging.
Can't wait to hear the story.

Thanks for the string tip too. Will have to let this place know.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I was hoping you'd start your story (but I figured with the boys traveling and being sick, that was why you took last week off). This is so great. I love stories where it's "oh, wow, how did they end up together?" Love this!!!

SmilingSally said...

What a terrific idea of a summer time party. I'm glad to hear how you met Steve.

Kim said...

I love "how we met" stories! Thanks for sharing yours...looking forward to the rest of the story.

And HAPPY 25TH!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

HAPPY anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!!

Brooke said...

happy anniversary!!! :) 25 years is amazing!

i can't wait to read more about how it first started.

Lauren said...


Margaret said...

Sara & Steve:
Happy 25th anniversary. Wow, 25 years. No wonder we all looked to young and thin in those pictures, it WAS a LONG time ago. Congratulations on 25 years together.

Amy said...

I can't wait to hear the rest of your story!! :)

You're right: July is a great month to get married! I don't know if you read Lauren's MM&M post yet or not, but her anniversary is coming up, too. Congratulations on 25 years!! That's amazing!

{& how funny that your husband did collections while in seminary ~ mine did it right after he graduated from Bible school!}

Debra said...

What.....leave me hangin' why don't cha? Great story so far and can't wait to hear the rest of it! Don't leave out any details now ya hear?