Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Linda host this fun meme and I have enjoyed participating each Wednesday! So much fun getting to know ya'll through these questions! So after answering mine, head over to Linda's!

1. Do you have any fun summer plans?

2. Do you tan or burn?

3. When facing house repairs, are you a fixer or a hirer (is that a word?)?

My answers:

1. Yes, I have planned a secret family trip for the end of June. I can't tell you about it because a couple certain teenagers read my blog and are dying to know where they are going!! They won't know till they get there!!

2. I tan. Even though I have fair skin, I grew up in AZ and do tan well.

3. I will always try to do it myself, unless it is a big project. My husband has so many wonderful qualities, but "handy" is not necessarily one of them. After nearly cutting his finger off building a swing set years ago to save the $100 fee to build it (the ER cost us WAY more than that), I hire the big jobs out!!!


Smilingsal said...

1. LOL moving
2. burn
3. hire out

StephieAnne said...

1. Just lots of summer camps, days at the pool, and a camping the summer!

2. I do tan, a bit surprising as I am freckled and have reddish hair...

3. I wish we could hire out, but it's most of the time just put on a "honey-do" list.

H-Mama said...

1. Your secret trip sounds fun! We are hoping to get in some pool fun and visit family before the school year starts back up. I would also like to get my closets & garage organized. fun.

2. I tan, but can burn if I'm out too long.

3. Ouch. I guess we try to do it ourselves. Hubby and I built our back patio. Looks good, but by the end of the day I wished that we had hired someone... a lot of work.

Margaret said...

1. We just got back from a weekend in San Jose for my great niece's 1st birthday. We are going to Hawaii in August for 10 days.
2. Tan - unless I am out in the sun waaaay too long. Actually in AZ it doesn't take too long to burn.
3. Depends on the job. The older we get, the more we hire folks to do things. Working full-time with 2 kids, doesn't leave a ton of time to do things yourselves. My husband CAN fix just about anything, but time is a factor.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

1. Cedar Point with the married couples, Camping, Michigan's Adventure with the kids, & the zoo to name a few!

2. Well, right now I burn, but I hope to get a bit of a tan soon so I will not burn so easily.

3. I am married to Mr. Fix-It. If I called a repair man I don't know what he would do!

Sara@i.Sass said...

Oh, come ON! this is the second time I've had to do this! darn it. I was so witty and funny in the last one. Sometimes I hate computers!
1)not so much. Still working on Disney. Mainly we need to know if Rob's parents will TAKE us. It's their RV and Dad's Military discount we are hoping to use. (NOT that we're using them...but we can go without it. Too expenseive.)
2)burn.peel.tan. After Hubby's bout with skin cancer, I've become obessed with not being in the sun directly. Slather on the screen, big hat, glasses. If I know I'll be out say at the fair or something I bring an umbrella and walk around under that. I'm on the next level of OCD on this one.
3)I've forgotten the question...
Oh, yeah I will paint a room, change a light bulb and hang a picture. Everythig else goes to Rob and if HE needs help His dad comes over. If they can't do it it won't get done because we can't afford to hire someone. So basically things are done in a WAY longer period of time AND not up to my standards. But it was free. If I were Oprah, I'd have a skilled staff on payroll and pimp them out to all my friends. :)

Ohilda said...

1) Oh yea! ::HINT:: 24 is being filmed there right now! :)

2) Definitely tan. I have that Cuban olive tone skin.

3) Definitely try to be a fixer unless it's something that absolutely needs repair and we have no clue on where to start.

Amber said...


1. Your secret trip sound fabulous! I want to go!!! I love surprises!! The husband and I are heading out to Canada for a week, and then the whole crew is heading to Tennessee for some family fun. May try to squeeze in a trip to the beach!!

2. Tan. But only after an initial burn each summer.

3. The husband has NEVER hired a repairman. Ever. He's very handy-man-ish. I guess I'm pretty fortunate that way.

LuAnn said...

1) We have a time share in Door County the 3rd week in July. Only 44 more days but who's counting.

2) I tan.

3) Joel is handy, thankfully. So we do try and I say try t do everything ourselves.

Lois Lane II said...

1. We're going to Ohio for the 4th of July to see friends -- sooo excited about it.

2. Burn, baby, burn.

3. Lol, a hirer -- or a, "Dad, can you come help Hubby fix this??" LOL

creative gal said...

1. Do you have any fun summer plans? Well, I will be traveling some, and working a lot. . .

2. Do you tan or burn?

3. When facing house repairs, are you a fixer or a hirer (is that a word?)? Hire someone, I'm terrible at home repairs! :o)

Heather of the EO said...

1. We'll go to Sonshine Christian Music Festival in July (since my mom is one of the founders and we still work backstage each year)
And I'm going to BlogHer in July too- can't wait to meet tons of blog friends.

2. I tan even with fair skin too. Sometimes I still burn, but mostly I tan.

3. My husband can pretty much fix anything. I know, I'm so blessed! :)

TCKK said...

1. Maybe if both girls go on their mission trip, hubby and I may take a couple days and go to Niagara Falls

2. Burn, then tan (unless I'm careful)

3. Hirer. Just had to bring my dad and brother-in-law in tonight to fix a pipe that goes into the water heater. Somehow a hole occurred and they had to cut and replace the pipe. I told them, if they needed a sermon preached or a funeral or wedding done, hubby was their man, but pipe fixing, not so much!!!!

Growin' with it! said...

sweating in my new hometown near houston! ☺

tan, but it takes a bit for it to happen.

we are always so stinkin' poor to hire anyone, so therefore we "try" to fix things!

skoots1mom said...

1. heading to the gulf coast sometime in July :)...

2. burn, baby, burn (i live under an umbrella at the beach)

3. i'm married to the most wonderful "fixer of everything", except electricity. he can build anything but recently hasn't had i've had to hire in some help along the way when he's too busy.