Thursday, June 25, 2009

If you want me as your customer.......

......then SHOW UP!!!

It's really pretty simple.

I have spent 3 days in the last week waiting for AT&T to show up at my house. Have scheduled the whole afternoon to be stuck in the house because they said they would be here between 12 and 2 and then it would take 4 hours to install Uverse in my house.

I don't like to be stuck in my house.

It all started with the salesman that came by our house.....he was very good, I have to admit. He made promises of saving us $60 a month and that with adding some wonderful features.......

*fiber optics
*HD included (not a big deal to me, but my husband was drooling)
*recording on one DVR in the house, but being able to watch the show on ANY TV in the house! I was excited about that one
*faster internet
*everything in your house on one bill

They were all great promises, but what sold us was the savings. So, we scheduled a date.

They never showed up.

We scheduled another date. they showed up, but had to leave to get things they needed to make it work.....

......and didn't come back. We scheduled yet another appointment.

They never showed up.

Yep, I am done. As one of my friends put it, I refuse to beg a company to be their customer.

It took me OVER an hour to cancel the order.........because for some reason I had to REORDER my phone service, which was with AT&T in the first place......and oh, it is going to cost me more than it did 5 days ago when all this started.........ya, not happy.

So, I got on the phone last night and upgraded my Comcast package to:

*HD included
*everything in the house on one bill
*faster internet
*the DVR feature I wanted they don't have, BUT they are working on it for the future!

And guess what? It is all cheaper than AT&T!!! I'm sticking with Comcast.

Last night I was sitting on the sofa watching TV and I get a call.......a sales call from AT&T trying to sell me Uverse........

..........that poor guy got an ear full and I don't think will ever call my house again!!!


Jill said...

BAD for them GOOD for you!!!!
COME ONE people!!!!!

Jill said...

Ummmm, that is SUPPOSE to be COME ON people!!! Although it would have been nice if even ONE had shown up!

Mocha with Linda said...

The concept of "Customer Service" in this country has completely eroded.

Glad you found a better deal.

Becky said...

I would have been peeved! They need to foot the bill for getting your original service back. LOL about the sales call.

PS I am still on project 365 but have to get all my pics together. Hopefully I can jump back in this week. :-/

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Oh my sweet dear, you are so much nicer than me...1 time maybe but after the second..... they would have gotten an ear full.... no more appointments. That sucks. AT&T can be a pain.

Elizabeth said...

So tacky! I would have given them an earful too. Our cable company is the same way-horrible customer service. But they're our only option b/c satellite is too unpredictable with all our crazy weather in OK.

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

I would have been annoyed too! So glad it worked out in the end. We have had pretty good service with Comcast. Hope they do as well for you!

skoots1mom said...

aren't utility companies fun??!!
glad things got better 4 u...

Debra said...

What an ordeal, but at least now your bill is cheaper! We had trouble with our cable company, when we were trying to get them to come and hook everything up, after moving into our house. I can was very frustrating!!!

As for your comment about cactus jelly....what? You seriously can make jelly out of cactus? Is it good?

Margaret said...

Stick to your guns and let them have it. However, do not roll-over on having to pay more for your service now than you did before. Just keep elevating to a higher level of Supervisor or Manager until you get your old price back.
I recently had a run in with Sears Maintenance trying to get my dryer fixed. After a frustrating time of getting my appointment scheduled, THEY took it upon themselves to change the time and not even speak to me in person. They left it on my machine. After 4 phone calls and 3 supervisors later, my dryer was fixed, within an hour of when it was supposed to be done and I had $100 Sears gift card in my hand. As someone else said, Customer Service in this country is a joke.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Ughhhhh! So frustrating! I hate waiting around during the block of time these people usually give you anyway, but to have them not show up at all - that's just crazy.

Aspiemom said...

Customer service just isn't what it used to be! I can't believe you went through that 3 times and ended up back with more expensive phone service. Great on the Comcast, tho!

That's actually funny that they called last night to try to sell you the service! lol

Kim said...

Yes it is FRUSTRATING to deal with big companies who have forgotten that there's a "customer" in "customer service".

Don't even get me started about what it's like here, where there's no competition so the only show in town could care less if they do anything for you or not. Glad the hubby does all the dealing with them, 'cause it would make me NUTS.

LuAnn said...

Yikes - Thanks for this info they are coming here next week. We will have to rethink this!!!

shell said...

this happened to us!!! i sat at home THREE days and then they showed up at 830am on a saturday morning. :)

Lisa said...

Very obnoxious! My brother-in-law is a telecommunications broker for small/medium businesses and I do the admin part from my home. We hear some crazy experiences and when we go into a business its usually a pretty easy sell because the IT person is just so fed up with dealing with "the system" (your experience on a much grander scale). Basic customer service is really all people are looking for.

Love the "Be still and know" verse!

Anonymous said...

Even though I have been an AT&T customer for my cell back since it was Cingular, I have HAD IT with them too.

We used them for our service at the church. Three main lines, a fax line, an 800 number line, and a DSL for internet. Our bill was over $500 a month!!! And they were constantly calling trying to "upgrade" our services. They didn't even ask, they just said, "We're letting you know that there is an upgrade available and we'll be putting it in your service package, yada yada yada." I once screamed at them (I know, bad because I was at a church but THEY WOULDN'T STOP TALKING TO LISTEN TO ME!!!!). I usually have patience with cold calls because I used to have to do that when I worked at AmSouth but they were calling all. the. time. and I couldn't get any work done. We finally had enough and switched all our phone & internet services to Cox and we got unlimited long distance and faster internet for $200 less than what we were paying with AT&T. We'll never go back, and once we move off campus and have a choice of where our land line is connected to, we're not going with AT&T either. The only reason I stay with them on my cell phone is because we're on an awesome plan I got back in college and I'm not about to let it go.

OK sorry for the novel but AT&T gets under my skin too.

The Davidson Den said...

Ugh! That's crazy!! I feel your pain. Back several weeks ago when we had that big storm, our phones went out. No dial tone. And people calling us got a busy signal. We called AT&T, we had them test the line, etc. They said the line was fine, and that it must be on OUR end, and that if they sent someone out and found out the problem was in our phones or our jacks, that it would be on our dime. For TWO weeks we were without phones, because we kept trying different things "on our end." Finally, there was nothing to do but have them out here. The guy was here for no less than FIVE minutes (outside) when he comes to our door and says he can't find a problem and are we SURE our phones aren't working?? What?! So we go check again and now--out of nowhere--our phones suddenly work just fine. He said he didn't do anything, but whatever. We didn't pay a penny, thank goodness, but that was just a little too coincidental if you ask me.