Friday, March 13, 2009

I follow myself

First of all, thanks for all the prayers. I am feeling much better this afternoon and not only got everything done I needed to today, but think I will make it to the movie.....maybe. Whatever I had went through me so fast I can only attribute it to prayer......many thanks!

For those of you who look at the pictures of followers on blogs......I am apparently following myself!

Yesterday, I noticed that for some reason, Sara's blog is not showing up on my dashboard. It doesn't show up when she updates her blog. I was trying to figure it out and somehow signed up to follow my OWN blog from HER did that happen?

Now, I do like myself. And if I didn't already write my blog and know what is on it, I just might follow it. But I do write it and therefore do not need to follow follow?

Plus, I don't want anyone to look at that and wonder why in the world someone would follow their own up the numbers?......they like to look at their own picture?......because they are weird? (my son called me weird tonight)

What's worse is that since blogger has changed up the whole following thingy....

I can not figure out how to get myself off my own blog?

Blogger you drive me crazy!!!!

Any one know how to fix that?!!!

okay, I am going to attribute this whole post to being light headed and not completely myself!



TCKK said...

So glad you're feeling better. I do not like the new blogger following thing. I've been having some trouble with it too. Oh well, I just keep hoping either I can figure it out or it gets better.

Aspiemom said...

Glad you are feeling better and that you got everything done today.

Did you click on your pic, then click on settings? I think there is a place to uncheck if you don't want to follow. Hope I don't mess you up!

Esthermay said...

Glad you are WELL! PTL

I've never understood the "Follower" thing either. I just happen to discover I had a bunch of followers one day and added the widget 'cause I figured the people followed me so their face would be visible. Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings you know. . . .
Anyway, it appears now that Sean Hannity "follows" my blog. Go figure!
Glad you're doing WELL! (Yeah, I said that.) :)
HEY! . . . Thank you for visiting the 365 participants. You are a great encourager! I know how much time it takes to comment on blogs - and I see your face on many 365's out there in blogworld! You're terrific!!!!

Aspiemom said...

Yep! I signed up to follow myself, just to see if I could get rid of myself!

Click on your pic, then settings, then it will have a place that says "Do you want to stop following?"

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

What's wrong with following yourself?

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I say - go ahead and keep following yourself. :)

So glad you're feeling a little better, Sara!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Some days I feel like I'm following myself. KWIM? Hope you get it figured out. And hope your lunch goes well!

sara said...

yea, I got it to work!!! You have to go through you dashboard and choose "manage" the blogs you follow. you can then remove it!!!


Becky said...

HA! I've always wondered if it was possible to follow yourself... now I know and I don't have to try it and end up looking weird ;-)


Smilingsal said...

I'm glad that you've managed to do the impossible by being well enough to handle that enormous list of things to do, but it seems you did more impossible tricks by following yourself! lol

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

So funny! Glad you figured it out!

Sara@i.Sass said...

You had me cracking UP!
It's cuz our names are spelt the same I'm sure of it! :)
And NO way was I posting a pic of me on the pot! Oh goodness gracious!
Both kiddos got these digital cameras for christmas last year, and all they took were shots of me getting out of the shower, getting dressed...I had no idea until they'd come adn complain that they couldn't take anymore pictures. Well, the memory would only hold 30 pics so Id' go through and delete them then I'd see a "blob" and think "what is that? " and realize it was my naked butt!!!! ARGH!
I took the cameras away for awhile. I would let them use them while I was dressed! Then the batteries ran out and you know what when they have to use their money to buy the batteries it really isn't important anymore. GO figure. Now when ever they've used the cameras I go through the pics and delete any nudies. Cause the can and will show the relatives there photos!