Saturday, December 13, 2008

Better late than never!!

So, last week I was not able to participate in Sara's Christmas tree carnival because I was with my aunt. But I am home now and my aunt is doing well (hopefully will leave the hospital on Sunday and move to rehab) so I now am able to show you my "bling"!!! Enjoy!

I was so excited to be home and get my pictures of my decorations.....I love my decorations.....but I came home to this....

My family claims that they thought my poinsettias were fake, like the ones in my kitchen, so they didn't water them.  Hmmmmm, the first clue might have been the wilted leaves falling off all over the floor.....I'm just sayin'!!

This is our tree.  It is a hodge podge of ornaments that have tons of meaning to all of us.  The angel at the top was given to me by my aunt on Steve's and my very first Christmas!!!

I really adore willow tree angels and this Joseph and Mary are my favorite!!!  My 2 oldest kids stockings were actually my grandparents stockings!!

My favorite nativity!!  I just need the right creche to go with it! (one that is not $100!)

This tree is in my foyer and was given to us by our friends in Indiana when we moved.  They each gave us an ornament for the tree.  I miss these guys so much and had so much fun taking out each of these ornaments this year!!

my dining room that my 17 year old son decorated for me!!!

My son took all my decorations and redecorated this year.  I LOVE what he did!! This nativity came from Israel.

My Santa collection

This is my favorite ornament.  It is a nail to remind us of the true focus of Christmas.  Esthermay put it so beautifully in this post.

I made this ornament in the 2nd grade!!!  Pretty old!!

I leave you with this final picture.  After almost losing my aunt, my focus this season has been adjusted.  I have come home with the goal of spending quality time with each of my family members this holiday and letting each one know what they mean to me.  

This is quality time at it's best!!!!

Merry Christmas ya'll!!!  



TCKK said...

I'm glad your aunt is doing better and I really enjoyed you decorations. I think your 17 year old son did a really good job decorating the dining room! I just love looking at other people's decorations!

Sara@ Butterville said...

This could get long... First there is writing on your wall! What does it say, did you do it? Next, I want to see those santas! I mean I want a good look at 'em. I love your Mary and Joseph, that is on my wish list...
I so adore your little tree. How sweet is that, from your friends when you moved. That is REALLY really sweet. I love the last picture Sara, Do they really do that often? How cute. My son is a snuggler now, and I always feared the day when he wouldn't but you've given me hope that maybe, just maybe he'll always be my snuggler.
Better late then never I always say! Now go give those poor pointsettias a drink :)

Mom To Six said...


Praising God that your aunt is better. Your decorations are beautiful. Too funny about the poinsiettas.

I especially love the picture of your son snuggling. That's awesome! So many kids that age feel that they have outgrown hugs and snuggles.

Thank you for sharing. Your home is beautiful.



Smilingsal said...

You obviously have done an excellent job to have a teenage son like yours! I love your decorations, especially the nativity scenes.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Beautiful, Sara. And I think your son is oh so sweet for helping you like that!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Glad your home safe and sound and your Aunt is better. What a time ya'll have had! All your decorations are lovely!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

All of your decorations are absolutely beautiful! Your son did a great job decorating.

Good to hear your aunt is doing better.

Rach@In His Hands said...

Your house looks so lovely & welcoming & homey. I LOVE it! I have the Willow Tree Nativity, too...
So glad that you were able to visit with family and made it home safely!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I love all of it Sara! And the poinsetta story made me smile...hard to miss those droopy leaves, right? Hopefully you rescued it in time! :)

I am really loving the red walls! I love mine year around, but especially at Christmas time.

Beverlydru said...

I came by early this morning and your inspired me to take some photos and link on up to BooMama Christmas Home Tour. You can do that too! (

You won the book on Diabetes! I'll email you or you can send just me your mailing address:
I'll post that you're the winner later today. Blessings to you!

Michelle said...

love your bling
i love the writing on the wall! I want to get one so bad but I am having the hardest time deciding!

Your tree is beautiful!