Thursday, October 9, 2008


So what do you do when someone disappoints you?  

Most of us face this in some way or another every day....our children, a driver next to us, a friend, family member.  Bad choices are made almost as often as we breath.  

But what do you do when some one really disappoints you?  

The kind that takes you a moment to even believe it is possible.  The kind that takes you from feelings of unbelief to anger to hurt to sadness and back again.  It hits you at your very core.  

Do you show mercy?  Is there discipline? Can you show compassion and love?  Can you forgive? Are there consequences?......................YES!

I believe very firmly that our Savior calls us not to judge another person's heart but we are called to judge their actions.  Galations 6:1 tells us that it is not our right but our responsibility to confront a brother in sin and restore them gently.  

Our world has decided that there shouldn't be consequences for our actions.   Do the best you can with what you are given, they say.  But whether you want to admit them or not, there are always consequences to our choices and they usually reach much farther than we would ever dream.  I think we all, at some time or other, have been hit by the shrapnel of someone else's bad choice.

I believe we are called to love the person not the actions.  Love is not always easy though.  Sometimes it means allowing them to face their consequences....not helping them get around them.  Sometimes love means confronting a brothers sin even when it is hard and might cause a break in the relationship.

In the midst of that, love means choosing to walk along side them through to the other side...if they will let you.  It's praying fervently for them to come to the point of true repentance and healing.

And love always includes forgiveness and the goal of full restoration.  

There is no situation that our God can not redeem!!!!  

Situations like this, remind me that we are all fully capable and a short step away from making a seriously bad choice.  And they remind me how incredibly important it is to put on the full armor of God EACH morning!!  

Lord, I pray that you will provide us with all we need to show true love in these situations.  Remind us each day, Lord, of the importance of putting on each piece of your armor.  May we realize the weaknesses of our flesh and guard ourselves from the enemy.  Thank you, Lord, that there is not one situation that you can not redeem.  Thank you that the blood of Jesus is more than enough to cover our sins and wash us white as snow!  



Esthermay Bentley-Goossen said...

Oh... such a sensitive issue in the church today.

As one in ministry (and I'm sure you know this) hurt feelings and lack of forgiveness can literally SPLIT churches. Only God can judge any person's heart. Ours is to follow Scripture -- the entire NT was written to churches with problems. Good Grief! If we'd just consult God's Word -- all the answers are there and your post puts it in pretty good perspective:

There is no situation that God cannot redeem! Full forgiveness comes with fully surrendering ALL!

May HE be in the middle of whatever situation you are in today!

Beverlydru said...

Praying for you. Sounds like you have special time planned this weekend with family and friends.
That's a good thing!!

Mom To Six said...


Thank you for this reminder. We do have to wear the armor of God daily and realize that He is in control. I try to constantly remind myself of how he has forgiven us, so how could I not forgive another?

In His Name,


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

This is really good...and a topic that I've been thinking about lately. It is such a balance of forgiveness, love, praying for them, but still realizing that consequences will naturally arise from their decisions. Something else that I'm also struggling with is...what do you do when they are blatantly unrepentant, and continuing to do the same things over and over? That's where I'm at right now. I know we're still called to forgive, but makes it tough.