Wednesday, September 24, 2008

....Just to hear your voice!

My daughter called me today......just to hear my voice!!!!

She didn't need anything, didn't want anything, there were no problems to solve....she just wanted to talk!!

I can not explain to you (especially if you don't have kids away at college) what that meant to heart soared as we talked about all that was going on in her life!!!!

As we hung up the phone, it occurred to that how God feels when I take time to just talk to him? Does his heart soar when I just want to hear his agenda, no problems to solve, nothing I need................I think so! Oh, that I would do it more often!!


Below are some....not very good....dark pictures of my son leading chapel yesterday at school. The lighting was turned down and I was too far away for the flash on my little camera to work well. But I wanted to share them with you! If you have time, check out the videos too!

The video below is totally dark...they had turned down the lights to let the students have a time to focus on God and then they sang this song. What you can't see are all the hands in the air praising God....but at the end you can hear all their voices singing in one accord!

This last video, I captured in the middle, but Jason is on the acoustic guitar and you can see his shadow jamming!!! Loved it!!!


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