Monday, August 18, 2008

I will never eat again!!!!

......okay, may I will, but I certainly don't need to!!! My friend, Wendi, and I basically ate our way through Memphis this weekend! It wasn't pretty, but it was amazingly deeee-licious!!! I came home not only heavier (fat as a cow might be appropriate), but also very relaxed and ready to tackle my week and schedule. Here are a few highlights:

This was eggs benedict built "my" way.....toast, creamed spinach, whole artichoke heart, poached egg......truly wonderful!!

Me and Wendi....we have way too much fun together!

Can not go to Memphis and not go by Graceland...this was a drive-by shot!!!

Below is a video of our dog, Lily. She loves to play soccer.....this is for the Schellhases'....enjoy!!!! Lily is doing great.....still hates it when we swim, but is learning to love being in the water!!!



Deb said...

LOVED the video. We all gathered around with much happiness as we saw that Lily hasn't lost her touch! Thanks for sharing. And for your prayers.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Sara--I'm late for work, but here the code really quickly:

marquee Whatever you want to say in your scroll across the screen /marquee

It's that simple! Only, you have to put those arrow things around the word "marquee" in both places. the comment box here won't let me put in actual code.

Kelley said...

That is awesome Sarah! Morgan sat behind me and we laughed together! Great video.