Monday, June 23, 2008

Can you say..BUSY?!

Okay, so this may be my only time to post this week. I was really hoping that I would have a nice, quiet week while my boys are on a mission trip....not so much! Here is what I have to get done this week:

get freezer fixed (died last week...I am dying without the space)
make and can peach jam (picked peaches on Saturday...will spoil if I don't get to them quick)
make a pound cake (for my Aunt)
make a batch of chocolate truffles (for my Aunt...I love her!), already made 4 batches
go to lunch with a friend from church tomorrow
dinner guests Tuesday night
house warming party for a friend Wednesday night
birthday dinner for a friend Thursday night
make mini pumpkin muffins (for my Aunt)
leave for Dallas on see my Aunt

whew!!!! I am tired just typing all that!!! If you are wondering why I am making so much for my Aunt, well..... she is doing amazing since going through chemo and she wanted to thank all her many friends for helping her over the last year. So, I am going to Dallas on Friday and am putting on a luncheon for her and her friends on Sat. My BFF, Wendi, is going with me to help do all the cooking and serving. My Aunt is sooooo excited......and I am excited to make her so happy!!! Plus, I am also very thankful for all her friends for taking such good care of her!!

So, that is my week. If I can squeeze some time in there to blog, I most definitely will. But don't worry, I will still be reading all ya'lls!!!

Have a great week.............I need to get busy!

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Ashley said...

Hi Sara,
I was just over at Crockpot365 looking for pork recipies and saw yours...funny enough, this is my favorite pork recipe. I actually got it from my sister-in-law a couple of weeks ago and have made it several times it just made me laught when I saw you had posted it back in April! Just thought I would share!