Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beautiful Surprise!

One year ago, I published this post (scroll up above my son's chubby cheeks!) on my surprise Calililies that started blooming in the front of my house. They were so amazingly perfect and beautiful. A pristine white, with a few of them having pink edges. I was so excited to see them come up again, all by themselves (perfect for the person with a brown thumb), and could not wait to see them bloom. Day after day, I waited to see the beautiful blooms again. I was not disappointed!!! They were gorgeous again this year! But a surprising thing happened. Each day I would go out to look at and enjoy them and one day came out to find this:

A beautiful yellow calililly that was five times larger than all the others!!! It is sooooo amazing!!!

Look at it compared to the white one on the right....it is HUGE!!

This is a picture of one of the pink ones...I wish you all could see them in person!!!

I find that God is like that, too, in my life. He does something totally surprising and wonderful. He shows me a side of his character that I have not seen and I am amazed and thrilled. I look forward to the next time I can experience Him like that. And then a time comes, I know He will show himself to me again in a special way, I am so anxious to experience it........and boom......I am literally blown away by the fullness of it and how much bigger He seems this time. Each day I grow closer to Him, I find a richer experience and relationship!

What a beautiful surprise it is.....


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

How true! What a great way to look at it! Beautiful flowers too :)

Elaine said...

Great words, Sara.

Christine said...

absolutely stunning...thanks for the beautiful photos and words.