Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day give-away!!

At 5 minutes for Mom they are having a Mother's Day Give-away!!!  To enter the contest, you need to post one of your favorite motherhood moments.  I instantly knew what I needed to post!!  At the time of said wasn't my favorite!  But now, with time inbetween, I can so laugh about this!

It was Mother's Day and my 2 youngest boys were 7 and 9.  It was their job through out the year to scoop the poop in the back yard from our 2 large australian sheperds.  My husband had a big, black trash can with a liner in it just for the poop.  His number one rule (and the one they always forgot) was to put the lid back on the poop can.  Not only because of the smell, but you see we lived in Indiana and through out the winter, snow would pile in with the poop when the lid was off.  When spring (finally) came the snow would melt and you had.......well, you get the mess!!!

This particular mother's day, was the first beautiful, warm day of spring that we had had.  My ever thinking husband (upset to see the lid off the poop can...again...and seeing it full of yuck) decided to teach my sons a lesson.  So, while I sat in on the sofa trying to read a book, he dragged the poop can out to the driveway and proceeded to tell my sons (did I say they were only SEVEN and NINE) to scoop out what poop they could with a shovel into a new can and then hose out the old can.   Now, I know many of you are probably thinking that this was good.  Teach the boys some responsibility.  Hmmmm, I would have thought that too, except my husband then LEFT the boys unattended to complete this project.....I said they were boys and only 7 and 9.....right?

Well, my neighbor was having a party on her deck that afternoon, being mother's day and all, and I looked out my window to see them all quickly moving into her house.  It was such a beautiful day, I couldn't imagine why they were going back inside.  I went to the front window and saw my neighbor across the street closing all her windows.  She always kept her windows open in the spring.  And then I look to my right and see the reason behind the mass exodus into the houses.........

I have a poop lake in my front yard and two boys that are covered from head to toe in poop!!!  

I just want you to stop and picture that.....if you can.  The smell, alone, was enough to do you in. I scream for my husband and run outside.  Jason, always the one to find the easier and more fun way to do the job, decided to skip the first step and just hose out the can....poop and all.  what made them decide to have a poop fight, bath, whatever?.....if you could figure out a boys mind you would be very famous! 

So, I tell (yell) my husband to take the boys into the house and get them cleaned up.  And no poop better be anywhere in the house!!!  And I proceed to hose down the drive way (did I say it was mother's day and I was supposed to be reading a book?)  Husband comes back out in a few minutes, trying to find a way to make things right (like that was possible), and I said to him "please get the bleach" (okay, I don't think I said please).  After all, it was POOP and the drive needed to be disinfected.  He looked at me and said "you will kill my grass if you use bleach"......

Pause so that you can picture the look on my face as I said, incredulously, "I don't really give a hoot about your grass at the moment!!"  

After I thoroughly bleached the drive, I am hosing it down one more time (still angry)  and a neighbor (a guy) pulls up and rolls down his window and says "hey Sara, aren't you supposed to be inside with your feet up? It's Mother's Day"........

I looked back and said "drive away Kevin....quickly!"

Happy Mother's Day ya'll!!!!


Becoming Me said...

Oh my goodness. That is horrid. Bless your heart and on mother's day to boot. I don't think I could ever look back on "Poop Lake" with laughter. But your story did make me laugh and I'm glad that you now have a good memory from it.

Mark W said...

Too funny!