Friday, May 2, 2008

Life is busy!

Well, my hopes of things slowing down in the spring have vanished!  It seems we are busier than ever in the Bowyer house.   I am in need of some "calgon"!!  (do they still sell that?)  And even though life has been incredibly busy, I don't seem to have anything substantial to blog's just life!  I should clarify that, nothing substantial that I can blog about.  If you have teenage sons, then you know you always have something to blog just choose not to so as to not disrupt the relationship should said sons decide to check in on your blog.  They don't appreciate their dad talking about them from the pulpit, they really don't appreciate me talking about them (though I can't help it sometimes) in bloggyland!

That said, I would like to get your advice.  If you have a college age child, how do you navigate that first summer home from school?  I have been so excited about Alyssa coming home for the summer, I can't wait to see her.  But over the last week, several women have cautioned me to be prepared for the "adjustment".  Christmas vacation seemed to go okay, no problems.  But these are ladies that I very much respect, so now I am a bit concerned.  I honestly can't remember how my first summer home from college went, so I would appreciate any advice that you can give me!!  I want to enjoy ALL my time with her!!!

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Linda said...

Oh, Sara. You are so speaking to the right person here about this college situation. In fact, I'm thinking about writing about this very topic in a larger, broader venue. When I have more time to write down thoughts, I'd like to share them with you. It's awkward at times, but it will all work out. It's just a new way of living in your family together. The dynamics change, but if you had a good foundation, it will be OK. ~ Also, I have given you a shout out in my latest post ... a thank you!!