Monday, April 21, 2008

WAKE UP and study!

Each day, I am more and more convinced that we are seeing the beginning of the "end times".  We are seeing more and more false teachers rising up and swaying our thinking.  My post yesterday on the movie, Expelled, showed this in science.  Today as I read Lysa's blog and  Kelli's blog, I am reminded that I will experience it through media.  That is not new, but what is new is a book and teaching out called The New Earth.  Oprah (watch this video) is literally pushing this on her viewers, with several shows on it and a web class on her website devoted to it.  How do we combat this?  We need to more than ever know the Truth!!  I remember doing a study where they asked if we knew how the Canadian Mountie studied to be able to find counterfeit money.  It said that they only studied the REAL money and knew it so well that when confronted with the counterfeit, they would recognize it immediately.  This is how we need to know the Word of God.  I would encourage you to go to each of these blogs and read what they have to say.  Then I encourage all of us to commit to studying God's word so that when we are confronted with counterfeit theology, we will not only know it immediately, but will be able to give an intelligent and ready answer.

I am grateful for his Word.

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Becoming Me said...

I am grateful that He is true to His promises and that I am in His care.