Sunday, January 6, 2008

This is church!!

Today, we had the awesome privilege to baptise 5 teenagers. I love hearing the stories of those who are being baptised and it just so cool to me when it is teenagers. To see them, at an age when they want to be "cool" and "accepted", step up to proclaim their love for Christ is truly amazing! Enjoy the videos!!

This next video is after the baptisms and I just loved hearing the song in the atrium. It was a great morning!!! Steve started a series on Acts and it was so good. You can hear it at our church website:


Christine said...

That's amazing! Thanks for sharing the videos.
I liked seeing your church. It's still strange to imagine you guys far away. Just the other day Madelyn looked over my shoulder to see what I was doing on the computer and saw Jared's picture. She said, "I know him!" I told her that you moved away and she said, "I was wondering why I hadn't seen him in so long!" Ha!
So you can tell Jared he was missed! Even though it took a year for her to realize it! :)

GrangerBaxters said...

This is so cool. It makes me miss you more... Your church is GEORGOUS. If we held a baptism in the River Valley lobby, we'd freeze!!! See you soon...

Elaine said...


Hey girl. I know, I know...I haven't caught up with you even though I said I would. I feel bad about it pretty often but yet, ask Roslyn...I'm hard to nail down sometimes.

Anyway, I love reading your blog and have become interested in your friend Christine's blog also. Weird that I would be interested in the life of a person who I have never met. She just seems cool. And I'm drawn to her because of her homeschooling, her photography and her apparent authenticity. You can tell her that! She has an admirer! Ha!

So, I keep up on your least a little. You might have noticed that I started a blog recently. Maybe you could come visit me there. I have something I'm working on which is in my latest post that you might be interested in. I'd love for you to check it out.


Christine said...

What an amazing compliment to receive from you and your friend, Elaine! It truly made my day. I think you both are far cooler than I'll ever be. Just to prove it - I had classical music cranked this afternoon like it was rock n' roll. And I was loving it.
But, seriously, I continue to be amazed at God's ability to use everything for his good and glory. Even blogger. It is great to be able to get to know others you wouldn't have otherwise. I enjoyed the peek I had at Elaine's blog. She seems to be an amazing woman who truly loves God with all her heart. And that is inspiring.
Thanks again, Sara. If you ever want to email I'm at cammester at yahoo dot com.