Friday, December 7, 2007


I am just now having time to upload these pictures from last Sunday's Christmas parade. It was Jared's first time to march and our small band did such a good job!!! They took first place in the parade!!
What handsome boys!!! Jared's hat is a "little" too big!

Perfect form!!!

He just looks so cute!!!

This is the band praying before the parade starts. Jason led them all in prayer.
The seasoned veteran of the group!!

Things are going great here, just busy!! I am working an extra day each week over the holiday to help out at the pharmacy. This next week will be extremely busy but fun!! Our good friend and missionary from NY, Abraham Vema, will be staying with us today through Tuesday. We are looking forward to his visit.

Alyssa will be home next Friday!!!! yea!!! I am soooo looking forward to having her home. Please be praying for her as she finishes up finals next week. In the midst of it all, she will be moving dorm rooms on Sat. She is changing roommates and was approved to move to a new room on the first floor. She is very excited.


Tori said...

What fun pictures! I am glad to hear that you made it through the weekend. Still need to hear about life size Clue!!
Have a great weekend!

GrangerBaxters said...

Hey, Tell Abraham the Baxters love him!!! The band is quite a contrast to the one here, but the Penn Band is just a hollow sound without the Bowyers (gigantic sigh to show distain...)