Thursday, December 20, 2007


Wow, we have been incredibly busy around here and it seems like we don't even have time to breathe at it like that at your house? I can't believe it has been over 10 days since my last blog and so much has happened, I'm not sure my over 40 brain can remember all of it!!

Alyssa made it home last week. We monitored her driving minute by minute with the weather. At one point, we had her spending the night in Dallas with my aunt, but when she got there realized she could beat the weather if she left right then. So, on she came and got here just before a huge storm blew through!!! Whew! It is so great to have her home!! She has been relaxing and helping me with all my "responsibilities" that I have gotten myself into! ha! She was hoping to be working back at her old job, but CompUSA announced it is going out of business and has a hiring job. I know she was disappointed but at the same time I think is glad she has this time to relax!

We have had multiple parties to attend (and fix food for), visitors to pamper (Abraham Vema, missionary in NY), extra work (added one extra day to my work schedule for Dec.), finals to prepare for (and crack the whip on!) and Christmas to prepare for!!! I am very tired but having a great time too!!!

We will be by ourselves this Christmas. All our family is staying home and we will be hunkering down with just the 5 of us. I am really looking forward to it. The church office is closing for the week between Christmas and New Years and we are just going to enjoy being a family and doing NOTHING!!!

I am hoping for a new camera for Christmas so maybe some extra great pictures will be coming soon!!! :)

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