Wednesday, November 7, 2007

so much to little time!

Wow, a week passed since my last blog....where did it go?

Some things that did happen:

we had our first halloween here and got our fire pit out to serve s' almost 80 degree weather!!!, I turned 47 (yep, 47), Jason is driving to school regularly now and to work..yikes!, our HS football team ended it's season 9-0 and has home field advantage for the 1st time ever for the playoffs, I went back to dark hair (bye, bye blond), Steve found out that when you give 2 different people the same instructions on how to cut your hair...they do a different job.....double yikes!!!!!

Some things that are going to happen:

My boys leave Friday for Texas for a youth retreat, Steve's parents come in on Saturday, the boys come home on Sunday, Steve's folks leave on Thursday, Steve and Jason leave for Disney World on Sat., Jared and I leave for Dallas to see my aunt on Sat., Jared and I come home on Tuesday, Alyssa and a friend are flying home on Wed., Thanksgiving is on Thursday, Jason and Steve come home Saturday, and Alyssa and her friend leave on Sunday.....whew!!!

I am worn out already! Please pray for me! :)


Mark W said...

Note to self... see your previous blog entry :)

shell said...

you just made me tired! we missed you on halloween!!!!

sara said...

Thanks for that GREAT reminder Mark!!!

GrangerBaxters said...

Dang, you are busier than a one armed... you get the idea. Yeh, it was like 45 here for Holloween. Life goes on, but we miss y'all!!!