Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spirit week and Homecoming!!

Get a load of these crazy guys!!! Jason had fashion faux pax day....nice fohawk!!! and Jared had decades day...he's imitating an old teacher! It was a fun week and there were some CRAZY outfits at Little Rock Christian.

Then last night was homecoming!! The LRCA warriors were 6-0!!! The marching band was debuting their new uniforms!!! It was an awesome game....very exciting!!! Enjoy the pics!

Jason in his uniform..minus the hat....before the game. He thinks he looks like a chef! But the uniforms are great and we are excited to have them. I think we took for granted the uniforms, etc at Penn and we were lucky to find these at a resonable cost!

Here is the band playing out on the field as the homecoming court is being escorted in. They did such a good job for such a small band!

Homecoming Queen being crowned. She was beautiful and from what I understand (I don't know her) and wonderful christian young lady.

The band is playing and getting ready for the football team to enter the field. Jason is the 2nd row, 2nd from the left!!!

All the fans on the field to cheer on the football team as they enter. There was so much school spirit was amazing!!!

And the warriors are now 7-0!!!!! It was a tough game and a nail bitter down to the last minute, but what a victory for homecoming night!!!!! Way to go warriors!!!

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