Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not my fault!!!!

Okay...I do realize it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted! However, after visiting Alyssa, everytime I tried to upload my pictures to blogger, it wouldn't let me. Who knows why? I think at times it just doesn't like me!! Anyway, I didn't want to write anything until I could show these pictures. Then my parents came to visit this week and there you go....two weeks gone in a flash!

So, 2 weekends ago I was able to drive out and visit Alyssa! It was soooo fun and great to see her doing so well. She LOVES college and just seems to be thriving. It made this mom very happy to see her so happy!!! Enjoy some pictures from the trip:

Alyssa at the football game before she had to march. Doesn't she look great?!!

The band section. The have some great school spirit and have a lot of fun!!!
This is right before she was going on for half time. I tried to video the show, which was really good, with my camera but it didn't come out well. I was so disappointed!

This was at the Freshman Follies. This is a skit Alyssa helped write that her floor performed....she had band so she couldn't be in it.

In the front of the campus, there is a sculpture of Jacob's ladder. I guess people come from all over to see it and it is amazing. The sculpture is in the middle and then there are rocks strewn around it with scripture carved in them. It is hard to explain but just beautiful in person.

This is the part of Jacob's dream with the angels going up and down the ladder from heaven.

This part is on the other side and it says "who ever enters....." and the rocks are placed in such a way that it creates a cross for you to walk through. VERY COOL!!!

It was a great trip, but tough...8 hours there friday and then 8 hours back on Sunday. Not a trip I want to make very frequently!

This last week, my parents were here. My dad had not been to Little Rock yet. It was fun showing them around and taking my dad to all the great catfish restaurants.....YUM!!! We had such a good time. They left this morning and now we are getting ready for the homecoming game tomorrow night at Little Rock Christian. The marching band is marching with their new uniforms...hopefully pictures to come....if blogger will let me post them!!!!

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