Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My college student!!

My friend, April, drove up to see Alyssa march at the ACU game last Saturday. She sent me this short video clip of her at half time. The singing is from the student section!!

Alyssa is doing so well at college. She applied for a job on campus as an ambassador to prospective students and she found out yesterday that she got the job. She will give tours, etc. She seems to enjoy her classes and has found a good church home that has a great college class. Basically, she just seems like she is thriving.......yea!!! Although, I did just receive an email requesting all her favorite foods in a care package....salsa, jalapeno jelly, pound cake.....she may not miss me but she misses my food!!!! ha!

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GrangerBaxters said...

I'd also like to request some JalapeƱo jelly....