Saturday, September 8, 2007

Lots to catch up on....get a cup of coffee...

It has been over a week since I posted. It hasn't been busy, but blogger would not allow me to post any of my pictures...I am not sure why. Anyway, I decided to try one more time this morning and now it works....go figure!

Steve left last Wed to go on a trip with his close friends from Indiana, so that left me and the boys for Labor Day weekend. We really had a great weekend....very relaxing! I actually read a whole book!! I loved it! My boys have been asking me to read Eragon and Eldest for quite a while. They both love this series and it was written by a teenager. Well, I finally got to them and they were great! If you like fantasy, lord of the rings type books, these are worth reading! We are all 3 now anxiously waiting for book 3 to come out.....who will get to read it first?!?!

Last Friday was our first football game at Little Rock Christian. It was a great game and we won! Jason plays in the pep band....15 kids. They had a blast but it is a big change from the 200+ band at Penn!

Steve had an amazing time in Maine!!! I was so glad for him to be able to go hang out with his friends and relax......however, he was VERY mean and called me from our favorite lobster shack and sent me a phone picture of him eating the most amazing lobster roll.....not nice!!!!

He made up for it though by bringing home four beautful, live maine lobsters for us to enjoy!!!! Smart man!!! Here they are as we are waiting for the pot to start boiling.

I was amazed that they made it from Maine on a plane flight, changed planes in PA and then made the drive home from Dallas...still alive!
The kids had fun "playing" with them and then Jason decided he wanted to put one in the pot....when he went to pick it up, it slipped out of the tongs and made the lobster mad....they all started slapping their tails on the ground and jumping...........Jason jumped the highest!!! It was hilarious!

Look at these beautiful, red lobsters......a meal fit for a king!!! I think they, yes I ate two, were the best I have ever had! I got 2 lobsters because Jared had chicken nuggets!!! He was fairly grossed out by us pulling the legs and tail off and almost couldn't eat his nuggets. I would feel sad for him that he wouldn't try something so good, but then.... I got TWO!!!! woo hoo!

This week has gone very fast since it was short. The boys are doing great in school. Jared told me this week that he is very happy he has moved to LRCA. He seems to have adjusted well. Alyssa called me several times this week and she is doing great. She seems to love college and is thriving. She was very excited yesterday because her roommate is going to Dallas for the weekend and she gets her room to herself all weekend!!! Her marching band is marching in a parade today and is in full swing. She is also being trained to be a Young Life leader for high school or middle school. So all seems well with her!! We miss her like crazy, but it sure makes it easier when you know they are enjoying college life!

Today we are having a staff swim party and BBQ here at our house. Our new Youth pastor moved in last weekend and has started, we are so excited for that! Then tomorrow the church is having a chili cookoff.....I am a judge!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully it won't be so long for my next blog!


GrangerBaxters said...

I'm with Jared... The lobsters are just GROSS!!. I know that God made meat for us to eat but honestly, YUCK. What's so wierd, is I do feel bad for the lobster... I know, crazy. Hey, we're in the play-offs!! Go Silver Hawks!

shell said...

how the heck do you bring a lobster home on a plane!??!?!

sara said...

they actually package them up in a styrofoam box with ice and then put them in another box with a handle..they go through with the luggage!! Pretty sweet!