Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wow! My son is talented!!!

My son has been begging me to let him paint his room. A little had it previously and it was bright yellow. Well, we finally had time and he wanted to do it all by himself. We went to home depot had got all the paint and I let him loose on his room.......scarey?...yes, but it's just paint...right?! When he got done and I went up to see it, I could not believe how AMAZING it looked. It is wonderful and the pictures don't do it justice. He did it all free! enjoy the pictures!!

This is a verse that has a lot of meaning to him.

I wish you could all see it in really is great! And he loves it...all the better!!!

We had our first pool party tonight!!! The youth group had a swim party and BBQ. I forgot to take pictures before it got dark, but they are still good. It was a blast!!! The kids had so much fun. The high school s have stayed and are having a sleep over..............I will be very tired tomorrow!

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GrangerBaxters said...

WOW!!!! When can he come up here and paint my kids rooms? Good job Jason. He is a talented geek... Love you guys!