Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We have actually had 3 days in a row with NO RAIN!!!!! And we have been able to get some landscaping done in our back the tune of 4 blisters on my hands!!! But even better, we have been able to enjoy the pool!!! The boys swam until about 9:30 last night just having a blast.

Alyssa is doing great so far. Jason's worst day was the 3rd day, so I am cautiously optimistic. She looks pretty cute with her chipmunk cheeks!!! She slept all night (and all day yesterday) and woke up with minimal pain. So far so good!

They opened a BoneFish Grill here this week just down from our house. I am so excited and am meeting my friend Wendi there tonight for hors dourves (not sure if that is spelled right!). For those of you who have never eaten there, it's one of the best fish places (they have steak too) I have ever eaten. And their bang bang shrimp appetizer is awesome!!! Steve and I are going to go back on Saturday for our anniversary......23 years!!!!

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GrangerBaxters said...

Thanks for being back.. I missed your life ;) We're really busy intertaining Ryne Sandburg who is visiting the ballpark for 4 days (he's the field manager for the Peoria Chiefs...)