Friday, July 27, 2007

Kid free!

Well, it's been almost a week since I boys flew to Arizona on Saturday and I have been enjoying the quiet and calmness around here all week!!! Thanks to those of you who prayed for their flight, they did great and are having a fantastic time at golf camp!

Monday, I decided to take on their rooms. You know, the maybe twice a year deep cleaning that you put off for as long as you can. A whole day and a large bottle of febreze later, their rooms are spotless!!! Why do teenage boys rooms smell soooo bad?!!! Alyssa's room can get just as messy, but never smells like the boys.........yuck!

The rest of my time has been spent working or going to the movie (I saw Hair Spray...GREAT) or hanging out by the pool!!! It has been very fun! However, all the grand ideas I had about what I was going to get done this week haven't happened.....funny how that goes! I am enjoying the peace and quiet and have 5 more days of it!!!

We have a family coming in this weekend to candidate for the youth pastor's position. Please pray for this. It's always a very jam packed weekend and really a short time to get to know someone. Please pray God would make it very clear to Steve and the elders as to whether he is the right person. Thanks!

Well, not much else is going's a very quiet week.....yea!!!


shell said...

we were just talking about you at our dinner table tonight because we made.....drum roll please.................CHICKEN AND NOODLES! we miss you and love you!

sara said...

thanks! I see that "sprinkle" has a new name!!! He is so cute!!!