Friday, May 11, 2007

Well, Jason had his wisdom teeth out this morning. The surgery went easier than expected and he is doing great. Thanks for the prayers everyone! Jason is doing sooooooo well. I don't think he even has much swelling so far which is great. I need to share with you a cool thing that happened...I haven't talked yet to Jason about to see if he remembers but...before they put the IV in, Jason looked very nervous. So I asked him if he wanted me to pray for him and he said yes and then asked me to hold his hand while I prayed...yes, way cool...anyway, when I went into recovery, Jason opened his eyes and just started trying to talk and tell me something. He had tears streaming down his face, but I couldn't understand him because of all the gauze. I asked him to calm down and slow down so I could get what he was saying and he says "mom, Jesus was in the surgery room with me!! It was so wonderful, he held my hand the whole time. mom, JESUS was there with me!!!! It was so wonderful! He actually held my hand" I have goose bumps just writing this. The awesome thing is that Jason usually comes out of anesthesia very combative and angry. He was just overjoyed!!!

sleeping it off after we got home with ice around his face

Just a few hours later.....obviously not feeling too bad!

As he woke up more and more, he did really well. But I told the doctor that he could make a lot more money with this than oral surgery. He was puzzled so I said "every mom with a teenage boy should be allowed to put him under anesthesia just once. I heard him tell me he loved me more in the last 20 minutes than I have heard in a year!!!!" Made my mothers day!!!!!!

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