Sunday, April 15, 2007

putting in a pool...

Well, we have decided to put in a pool! Our back yard was pretty useless with all the trees and the slope and we don't have a basement here for teenagers to hang out...sooooo...we are biting the bullet and putting in a pool. I have decided to document the stages.....should be interesting!!! First they took out all the trees in our back yard....what a difference. Next they have spray painted the yard where the pool will go. If you look close at the picture below, you can see the blue outline of the pool. This is looking down from our deck in to the yard.

This next picture is what is left of our HUGE willow tree. This tree was higher than our house and hung over our neighbors yard too. It was a beautiful tree, but was leaning very badly and needed to come out anyway. It is hard to believe they took in down in less than an hour!!! To the right is where our steps to the pool will be...look close and you can see them!

They start digging this week......I think it is going to be a MESS!! I'll keep you posted!

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