Sunday, March 25, 2007

long week

Wow, this has been the longest I have gone without blogging since we moved! But this week was extremely busy. I got back from NY on monday.....had to fly to DENVER then to Memphis and then drive 2 hours home. Needless to say it was a LONG day and I was exhausted by the time I got home. I had planned to spend Tuesday just relaxing, but MY plans got put aside...funny how that happens! Alyssa's car got broken into at work that morning. They busted out a window and stole her purse which she had left in her car. They also took her garage door opener (which I have since heard is the latest thing and then they head immediately to your house and rob you) Fortunately, I was at the house and hopefully that scared them off, but we spent the next couple of days changing garage door openers (we have an old one so it wasn't easy), getting new drivers license, getting the window and door fixed on the car, etc. It was pretty traumatic for her, but a good learning lesson. She didn't have much in her purse and now knows that that is not a great idea!

For those of you who know of my Aunt, she had a rough week. Her cancer is growing and we had some difficult results to deal with. She is also struggling through some bad side affects of the radiation she just had. It is so hard to be far away from someone you love when they are hurting!! I just wanted to jump in the car and drive to Dallas, but couldn't. God is good and she is doing better over the last couple of days. Please keep her in your prayers when you think of it!!

Yesterday, Alyssa and I drove to Memphis to see Kat Wade play in a soccer tournament there and to spend some time with her. Kat was one of the s in my s small group and one of Alyssa's close friends. It was AWESOME to see her and we got to spend lots of time catching up! VERY fun! Man, I miss those s!! I told Anita (Kat's mom) that that is one of my questions for God....why my time with those s was so short!

Anyway, today I am just relaxing!!! I went outside and took some pictures of my front yard...hope you enjoy is just beautiful!!!! The colors just don't come out as vibrant in the pictures as they are in person, but enjoy!

This will be my "first" rose from my rose garden!!! I am so excited!

Centerpiece I made from the camillas in my front yard!!!

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GrangerBaxters said...

Are those purple flowers creaping flox??? I LOVE that...the season is longer there isn't it?? Miss you, but not as mad since it was 80 degrees on Sunday and 78 on Monday. Pray for the weather, it's is going down...Opening day is 4/5 and the high is expected to be around 40 now... DANG. I would like to have warm weather. Sara, would you also pray the the Holy Spirit would feel welcome at the Stadium? This is such a neat opportunity to do some undercover CIA work for God...I'll have to come up with some cute slogan for the CIA part..I'll let you know. Are you anywhere near South Carolina?? I'm going to have to take Sam there this summer to see Luke & we could just make it the Sam Baxter Reunion Tour!!! There is so much to tell you, but it is crazy busy here.... Hopefully we can catch up after Opening Day. I LOVE this time of year (If it would just warm up to stay...) Love ya! Rita