Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big day today...

Well, today is a big day! My son is going to take the test to get his driving permit! We have put it off as long as we can! AR is very different from can get your permit at 14! That means that next Jan, Jared could get his permit....yikes! But you have to take the written test to get your permit and you have to take it at the police station..just a little intimidating!! We have not had time to get the permit since moving here, but since they are on spring break we are going today. Jason was up studying his book, also much thicker than in IN, last night....we shall see!!!

I was so proud of Alyssa yesterday. Most of you know that her car was broken into last week and her purse was stolen. We called immediately to cancel her checks and debit card. Anyway, yesterday Alyssa went by the bank to check her account and $300 had been stolen out of her account!!! At that point, I would have cried and called my mom! But she sat down with the bank manager and got all her money reimbursed, her account cancelled and a new account opened! She is all grown up!!!!! How did that happen?

Steve's parents are driving in this evening for a visit! I think we are going to go to Hot Springs on Sat. I have heard a lot about it, but have not been there yet. Joe wants to go to the horse races....should be fun.

Well, have to go...Alyssa just found something leaking out of the freezer....Jason apparently put a coke in there last night a exploded.....nice.....need to go wake him up! bye.

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