Tuesday, February 20, 2007

newly painted kitchen

Here are pictures of my newly painted kitchen...I LOVE it!!! The color is called "exotic honey" and it is beautiful. As I look at the picture, I realize that I took it before I finish painting around the sink window, so it looks yellow, but it is really nice......and I did it all by myself...woo! hoo!

It is funny what your kids latch on to. In the above picture you can see I took a lot of my magnets and pictures off because it looked really cluttered in this kitchen. Well, my kids had a FIT!! They said "it doesn't feel like home, we have never had a frig without pictures and magnets"!! Too funny, I may have to give in and put them back up (they are just on the side), because my kids comment on it EVERY morning....geez!

On to the next project...I am putting polyurethane on my dining room table to protect it. All the wiping down over the last year or so have taken it's toll! You see what you can get done when you haven't met any friends yet!

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Mark W said...

Love the color! It really makes things pop!