Friday, February 23, 2007

Jazz coffee shop

Last night, Jason's jazz band from school put on a coffee shop for their concert. It was so cool. They had it at our church and turned the sanctuary into a coffee shop with round tables, etc. The choir waited tables and they served all sorts of gourmet coffees (donated from a local coffee shop) and desserts. Then the band performed and they were AMAZING!!! It was so much fun!! Here are a few pictures.....

Jason had several solos. This one was an improv and it was so! We were so proud of him! It's a little blurry because it was dark in the room and the camera couldn't focus well.

Well, Alyssa has finished her first week of work!! And it has been an experience....she has some funny stories, like getting hit on by an 80+year old customer!!! but she seems to like it and will be glad when the "training" time is over. She will start out as a cashier and customer service rep. She got thrown into the cashier with hardly any training so has learned the hard but fast way!!! She was quite surprised also to find out that she would have almost 40 percent of her salary taken out for taxes and SS.....welcome to the real world!!!

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Mark W said...

Sara, it was so great to catch up on all that has been happening! Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog.