Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So, Steve preached on Sunday and in his sermon, he was talking about how he likes order and how the house is a mess right now with all the boxes...this was before I got all of them emptied. Anyway, there was a lady in the congregation that owns a cleaning service and she called and said she would like to help us and send a cleaning crew over to clean the house!!! How amazing is that?! They came today and my house looks wonderful! and smells even better!!! They did such a good job and it really looks like a home now!

Well, Alyssa is DONE with school! She finished all her requirements last night and is now a high school graduate! I can't believe it. I will be flying up tomorrow to pick her up and then we will drive her car home. Those of you in Granger reading this, let me appologize now if I don't see you. I fly in Thursday night, we have lots of errands of Friday, closing banking accounts, getting hair colored (major importance!!), picking up medications, etc. and then we drive out on Sat. morning. But we will be back for a week in June for Alyssa's graduation! I can not wait to see her!!! Please pray for safe travel there and back. The weather in AR on Sunday is not supposed to be great.

I got a call today that I am getting my frig on Friday....WOO HOO!! No more laundromat stories! However, they don't know if they will be bringing my oven or not. I may have to wait another week for that....oh well.

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Deb said...

Hey, Sara: I just read back through most of your blog - it's good. I really enjoyed reading about all of the blessings. God comes through for us in ways we'd never imagine, doesn't He? Steve's Commissioning and first sermon sounds great!

I am glad you are moved, and seem to have all but a washer! I love the windows in the living room - how beautiful! I think I'd have trouble putting curtains over them, unless neighbors can see in.

Well, better go for now.

Tell everyone I am glad they're safe, tell Alyssa Congratulations for graduating, and tell everyone I love you.

Bye for now,