Monday, January 22, 2007

A complete family again...

Alyssa and I made it back to Little Rock last night! It is so good to have my family together again...although the kids just picked up right where they left off with how they treat each other....somehow I thought the time apart would change that, silly me!!!

Our drive back was smooth and uneventful....yea! We had good weather the whole way and very little traffic. Alyssa did most of the driving and did a great job. We stopped in St. Louis to stay the night with my friend Kristin and her family and then got on the road early enough to get here before dark.

It is good to be home...yes, it already feels like home. It was weird in Granger to drive by my house and realize that it doesn't feel like my home. What I missed the most was the familiarity with my friends and even going to the grocery store and knowing where everything was! Leaving doesn't get easier, but at least this time I wasn't a blubbering mess!

Alyssa seems frustrated a bit because she doesn't know where anything is in the house yet. And she is having to set up her room with different furniture than she had in Granger..we did some room swaping. But that will come. I am going to drive around with her today and help her get a feel for the city. But I am SO HAPPY to have her home.....August is going to be VERY hard!!!

Okay....I just got the call that I am getting my washer this evening or in the morning!!!!!!! Because of weather in Dallas, it didn't come on Friday, but he has it at his warehouse and is going to try to get it here today!!!! YIPEE!!!!! I will never take that washer for granted again!!!


shell said...

glad you are back safely! alyssa was so sweet to come play with the kids for a while-they miss her!

GrangerBaxters said...

Hey Honey! So funny about the whole laundry mess...note to self, if moving, the washer and dryer are critical elements of the deal... Miss you - even tho God wants you in Little Rock, he is raining on you because all the angles are crying for us lonely folks in Granger :) Talk to you soon Rita