Saturday, January 13, 2007

Laundry......and rocket scientist!

What, you ask, do laundry and rocket scientists have to do with each other? I didn't know either until tonight!

Most of you know that I don't have a washer yet. It was back ordered and won't be in for another week or so. Well, I have been doing a load here and there at the church (they have a washer and dryer) but it had gotten to the point where I needed to do several loads. So, after dinner I loaded it all up and stuffed my pockets with quarters and headed to the laundromat. It is pouring rain outside, but I get all the laundry inside. I head to the washer and realize that I have forgotten my detergent. So I ask the lady where I would buy some and she shows me the machine. But I can't figure out where to put my quarters.....she says "oh, you have to use a money card here and you use it on ALL the machines" She shows me where to get the money card, so I go to the machine, pull out my doesn't take quarters....only bills! AND you have to put it in in $5 increments with EXACT change....but NO way to change coins into bills. So, I call Steve and ask him to bring me some money and while he is at it some detergent. He shows up and I ask for only enough money to do the laundry I need (mistake). I go to the washer, put my laundry in, put my detergent in, then insert my card......there is not enough money on my card!!!!! It says I only have $3 on the card.....I had put in $5. So , I go to the lady and tell her that and she says "oh, well, the card itself costs $2 which you will get back if you turn the card in at the main office" so let me see...not only do I pay to do my laundry there, but I also have to put to USE my money to do my laundry there!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! Back to the machine I go to add more money, which I only have enough to wash the clothes now (I have a dryer at my house). It tells me to insert my money card, which I do.....IN THE WRONG SLOT...the machine proceeds to EAT my card and we can't get it out. Now I will have to buy another card, but then will not have enough money to wash my clothes..........I load up all my clothes in the car and return home....who knew you had to be a rocket scientist to use the laundromat these days?!?!?!?!!!

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theerbs said...

Sounds like an adventure. You must have high tech laundromats there because the last time I went here in OR the machines just took plain ole' quarters!
By the way, the prime rib I made for Christmas Eve was wonderful. Thanks for your help!