Thursday, January 11, 2007

Finally! Pictures!

Here are the pictures!! I finally remembered to do it!! Now you all can picture my house when I talk to you about it!

Okay, so this is my family room! No curtains yet, the seller took them (she was supposed to leave them) Now I need my decorator friends to show me what to do! If you look out the windows, it looks like we live in a big tree house! The house is on a hill and it is 2 stories down to the back yard.

The green chair is soon to go. Steve is looking around to replace it....yea!!!

I love my kitchen!! My oven door automatically locked and we can not figure out how to get it open. I told Steve that it was a sign from God that I needed a new oven..this one is as old as the house and so small, my cookie sheets wouldn't fit in I get my double oven!!! woo! hoo! One all the pictures and from what Steve told me, we thought the cabinets were white. so I ordered a white frig.......and the cabinets are cream.....oh well, you don't notice it too bad in person!

This is looking out of the kitchen. You can't see it that well, but behind the table is the fire place. It opens to both sides..very cool....however, I don't think we will use it much seeing as it is January and in the 60s!!!
The color of the bedroom as got to go!!! But it is very nice and everything fits great in it. Again...I need my decorator friends to help me with the colors!!
I will hopefully put more pictures as I change things and make it more my you can follow the process!

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