Saturday, December 16, 2006

Wow, it is a bit stressful around here! I have so many details running around in my head, plus all the moving issues. Last night, Steve performed a wedding. I had called a friend to get a ride so that we would only have one car there. I called from up in my bathroom. They said they'd be here in 20 minutes, so i was rushing around getting ready. i got downstairs to wait and realized i didn't know where the phone was. i looked back in my bathroom...nope. Back downstairs...nope. On my bed back upstairs..nope. Back downstairs on the hook...nope. i finally used my cell to call it and FINALLY found the phone in my SOCK DRAWER!!! I had grabbed some socks, replaced them with the phone and shut the drawer....that is my life these days!!!

Please be praying for our moving details. Our house in LR was appraised significantly lower than the sale price. We found this out late yesterday. Today, we got a call from the other realtor that the appraiser never even came to the house! He got on line and looked up the sq. footage and appraised it from that....and it was wrong. So, Monday Steve has to get that worked out. We are also having trouble getting health insurance. We are being declined due to Jason's heart. This happened to us when we moved to Tx. and it will eventually be cleared up but is very frustrating in the process. Please pray we can get it worked out quickly...we only have 2 weeks. Thanks!

Today, i am about to leave for my neighbors baby shower and then i am having Alyssa's going away party/small group sleepover with 8 HS girls. I am farming the boys out...Steve is on his way to Chicago to catch a plane to LR. Steve will be preaching at Grace tomorrow. Please pray that he won't be distracted by all these other issues. Then tomorrow, i have Jason's going away party in the afternoon. It is a very busy weekend!!!

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